...then how does anyone get to heaven???

I was reading the conversations about suicide this morning and have been mulling over some of your replies. I was also considering whether I wanted to ask this question because...

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what do you think made her feel?

I've been a sm for over 10 years now but the bm still hates me. i texted her yest to remind her that my sd has a violin practice ( usually we have her on monday but because it...

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Table Manners

My husband and I have 4 children, ages 12, 10, 9 and 6. We sit together at the table at home, on average, for supper about 5-6 times per week. Despite many attempts at...

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terrible two's

My child will b 2 in february and is already starting bad behavior. She cries a lot, falls out when she does not get her way, and no is the answer to everything. Potty training...

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Soooo confused

Ok. I'm supposed to be 16 weeks pregnant today according to my midwife based on LMP of 7/30/12. She used the doppler today and couldn't get a heartbeat and said based on where...


My boys don't get along help : /

I have two boys a 12 and a 9 year old and they fight allllll the time and it even ends up getting physical sometimes but they always together as well i try to separate them and...

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Mom of 1st grader with ADHD

Hi everyone. This is all new to me. We had learned after 18 months of therapy that my son is ADHD just 10 days ago. He just started some medication 5 days ago. We tried...


grandmother issues

My daughter who turned 2 in December of last year has always seemed to me like she favors her grandmother [my mother] over me. My mother has been around ever since my daughter...


I need some advice

I'm so confused. I have an 18 month old son and love him dearly. He was a very difficult baby and can be a very stubborn, head strong toddler. I do love his personality and...

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Punishing tips

My son will be 3 on July 3rd, he is the most strong willed kid I have ever seen. He cries about everything, he bosses everyone around by trying to tell us where we can sit, what...

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Trying to learn how to deal....

I'm trying so hard to be understanding and to be there for my bf through this whole ordeal....he is having to go through depression meds and anxiety meds....he's on Siezure meds...