Puppy dewclaw removal

Well I couldn't resist, I knew I shouldn't but did anyways. I found a 'how to' on dew claw removal at home! Sickening. Idk why this is legal either, no pain meds or anything....

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Puberty question?

My daughters best friend who is 10 got her period this week, and until today I have put off the talk. I know I have to tell her know. SO any suggestions. I am freaking out...


My daughter and her tantrums; HELP.....

My four year old has been really difficult for me to handle... i don't know what to do. we do the four minute timeouts if she does a stop touch or dissobeys. if she does not get...

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disiplineing a 19mo old????

My daughter is 19mo old.....and is such a hand full!! She is my second child and I never had any of these issues with my son who is now seven. I'm at a total loss here, so...


Health Concerns

Hi there, I was just wondering if there are any moms that have had to go through any heath issues while they were raising their children. I am 45. I have daughters 23, 19 and 7...

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Fed up

My Hubby was looking at working for a different company wich meant that he would be home for 2 weeks & work for 2,at the moment he is doing 2 away & 1 at home, all was looking...


My son is has made it to 14

My son is a good boy for everyone else but me!!!!!!!! He has made it to 14 and has little respect for me! the tears have stopped the headaches have well and truly kicked in. I...

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Possible pre-eclampsia.

I'm hoping for some input from mothers who have had to deal with pre-eclampsia or having a preemie but any and all input is appreciated. I'm 34 weeks pregnant with our second...


Babies and Junk food

I know some parents give their children pop corn twists to their babies as snacks, I've never given my daughter anything that bad the worse is probably pizza, ravioli and...


Do-it-all Stroller

I'm in the market for a durable stroller that can grow with my baby. I need it to be agile on city streets and in stores, but also tough enough that I can jog with it or take...


ex husband being abusive

i have a 8 month old and from day 1 of the pregnancy my ex husband denied my daughter then hit and kicked me when i was 7 1/2 months pregnant is it wrong that i want to have...

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6year old son with ADHD

I have a 6year old son who is an ADHD child. I dont know what to do he isgeting in trouble at school. He was diagnosed last year with ADHD I tried the meds on him but I did not...


Potty Training

My son is about nineteen months old, and he is curious as anything. But I was wondering how I know when to start with the potty training. He hasn't yet said potty or anything,...

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My daughter is 5 and was diagnosed with PDD. She is very prone to meltdowns anywhere and everywhere. Especially if her routine changes. I need advice on how to calm her down...