does anyone get judged?

Why is it that so many people judge my parenting skills when they do not know the facts? My son is 7 1/2yrs old and so many people say i should do this with him and i should do...


help with my 5 yer old

My 5 year old is out of controll sometimes. I can't seem to get him to listen to me. I feel like i've tried everything, especially putting him in a naughty spot. But it doesn't...


need sleep

my son is almost 10mths and still wakes 3-4hrs every night for a feed. I can't just ignore him as he will wake my other kids. I need some tips to get him to sleep longer or...

Started by Karen on 03/15/2009 in June 2008 Babies

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spoiled children?

how do you deal with a child,whom is an only child and is totally spoiled...brings that behaior to class and disrupts the whole day,parents are not cooperative,and i'm afraid of...


Could My son be Bi-polar, how to tell.

My son is almost 10 and he has , i guess you could call it severe adhd, but as a mother, i feel something else is hiding in him. Like the way he acts out, punches things, hits...


Potty training help!

I have a four year old autistic son who is completely his own person. Not matter what I try he refusses to use the toliet. His older brother, who is also autistic, was potty...


Daytime Naps

My daughter has been terribly spoiled :) My sister-in-law warned me but I didn't listen. Maddie's 16 months old and will not take a nap unless she is being held. I've wanted...


i am loosing my mind!!

Okay so I need to vent my husband is a very loving and hard working individual he works and goes to school at night, i am left with the babysitting arrangements plus working my...


why not another baby?

I am really wanting another baby....but, my husband doesnt want anymore. AT ALL! hes not even open minded about it ...he wont consider my feelings or nothing... i love him and...

Started by Candace on 11/15/2009 in Stay At Home Moms

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Dad's supervised visits

After a bunch of drama and so forth with my babies dad and his mother I decided to let an organization here do the supervising . He called and told me if that happens he won't...