Accidents..at wit's end

My daughter will be 4 in November. She has toilet trained for 8 months now. Self-trained, we had little to do with it. The first week she was in panties she did have accidents...


bc failures???

Hi everyone! So my husband and I have a beautiful little 8 month old boy who we love to death and i stay home full time with him while my husband is out at his construction...

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Tantrums, tantrums, tantrums

My twins are not even 2years old yet, but if they don't get their way, it is hell to pay. I am only 21 now and love my children with my whole life. I fully believe in discipline...


potty training for boys

My two and a half year old is so over ready to be potty trained but he wont sit on the potty any more. what can i do to just get him to go sit on the potty seat?

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Just want to know what people think...

Here is a little background... i was in a relationship for about 4 years with this guy and we had a little girl together... we broke up because we got a house together and it...

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my 17 month old daughter will not listen to me at all! I try to ask her to do things and she just ignores me! I have to yell at her to get her to do anything! I have to spank...

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My 14 year old son is dating this girl, who has my son wrapped around her finger. My son knows how I feel about him dating. I know the Lord is trying to tell him, this is not...


What is Pdd?

Today my son was diagnosed with PDD and ADHD. I know about ADHD because my seven yr.old has it. I just don't understandPDD> Please help!!



I just wanted to say that I am glad that I have a Christian group that I can go to . It is depressing when I think about my family and I see the direction that my oldest is...

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2 questions...help

the doc put my dd (11 1/2 months) on augmentin to help clear another ear infection, she aslo put her on claritin to try and get all the mucus under control. i just gave her the...


normal or not ??

i am 16 n i am 27 weeks pregnant n i am already wantin a 2nd bub but my on n off bf dnt want one till he 25 n thts five yrs away n i neva wanted to settle down but i am goin...

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