Breakfast Casserole

We have this every year for Christmas brunch, it's very good and easy since you prepare it the night before. •6 slices white bread, frozen •8T butter •1 (16oz)...

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Stuffed Mushrooms

I usually use 2 pkgs. of Mushrooms, clean and destem them. In a large bowl, I use Jimmy Dean bulk sausage, 1 pkg of Hot Flavor sausage and 1 regular flavor sausage mixed...

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Biscuits and Country Gravy

My husband is driving me batty wanting to have biscuits and gravy! Does anyone have a good recipe that they could share? I'm thinking I could just make scones for biscuits, but...

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Casserole dishes with less than 12 ingredients?

Have any good and simple casserole recipes? Ones that you end up making a couple of times a month, because everyone loves them. Preferably chicken, ground meat or vegetarian...

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Needing some appetizer ideas, please!

I am putting on a get-together for my sons baptism and am really needing more ideas for some quick and simple appetizers, please! Thanks in advance! :) ~Anna

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What to make with Ground Beef?

Ok, so I make meat loaf, hambergers, stuffed bell peppers already. What else is there to make with ground beef? My mom keeps buying it and I don't know what else to make with...

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Amazing Lasagna that my mom and i make.

Meat mixture *One pound each ground beef and Jimmy Dean Hot or any brand Italian sausage, browned, drained and rinsed in hot water *2 cans tomato sauce (I think 15 ounces or...

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meals for the week

I'm sure this topic is here but I am looking for easy healthy meal ideas for my family of 4. I find it hard to have to be the one to plan meals every day and I would love new...

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Soup recipes

My family loves soup and I am looking for recipes that way I can make it at home. It would cheaper and much healthier too. Thanks

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favorite family dinners

I'm looking for your most often prepared family dinners. the usuals. Here are some of ours. post yours too. Sometimes it helps to get some new ideas for dinner! spaghetti and...

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what to feed him for breakfast?!

My son has never been a big eater he is pretty tiny but still healthy. I find myself getting in ruts of feeding him the same things over and over because that is what i can get...

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Rachel Ray and the Cinch plan

Flipping channels today i came across Rachel Ray and she had this lady on promoting her "Cinch" book. I stopped and listened for a bit and liked the idea. It's not a "diet...

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Hey All! Anyone been to the Republican/Conservative community on COM? I just went there...big mistake. Those women are nuts!!! One of them was saying that Obama shouldn't...

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Looking for a recipe for Chicken Fried Steak

My boyfriend has been begging me to make Chicken Fried Steak. Problem is.... I have no Idea how to make it. LOL. I need a real EASY way to make it. HELP? If you know of a...

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Soup recipes

Does anyone have some good soup recipes to share?

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Need help finding what to make?

Ok so its been hard to cook after i had my little one, Is there anyway some one can send me a recipe thats fast easy and yummy at the same time, im up to try anything new just...

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Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish

What is your all time favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish? I think my all time favorite dish would be green bean casserole. Most years my brother and mom make the classic recipe...

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