Just for Fun - Thongs or Granny Panties?

I can wear either/or. Although, I find myself reaching for the granny's more often than I like to admit. And no, I'm not talking about REAL granny panties that go up to your...

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pantyliners and...

SIKE....LMBO...i had to do it...i couldn't resist....Erin..how is your head...got your finger on that lock button don't cha....

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Anybody else leaking urine?

It seems that no matter how often I go to the bathroom I still leak at times. Not only when I cough or sneeze, but even just moving on the couch or shifting positions. Sometimes...

Started by Mandy on 01/28/2010 in Expecting

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Mama Cloth

Has anyone tried cloth menstrual pads? I'm on the verge, and am looking for opinions, thoughts, preferences. I used to think it was the worst thought in the world, but after a...

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Cloth feminine products

So finally after 7.5 mos, I have a period. *sigh* What a drag! Since we cloth diaper full time, cloth wipes and all, I'v e become curious about cloth pads for women. Have any...



Now that the one thread went to hospital undies and some very UNattractive disposable swimsuits.. On to the hospital.. Along with the comfy mesh undies they issue you after...

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Interview the next person, take 2

Ok ladies. You know what to do. I'll start! If you were going to change careers, what field would you go into? Me- I've changed careers twice already, but if I were...

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