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Say NO to paper towels!

This is very simple but it has saved me some dollars and cents. Instead of grabbing a new paper towel after every messy meal, I reuse a wash cloth. It's amazing how long one...

Started by Melanie on 01/28/2009 in Money Saving Tips

Last update on 02/02/2009 by Katie


Paper, cover, hover

Ok ladies, this is a serious debate. I expect no name calling and please be civil. LMAO Alright, while in a public restroom today I grabbed toilet paper to cover the...

Started by Dana on 08/04/2009 in Hot Topics

Last update on 08/06/2009 by Cindy


swarna's fresh spring rolls

Round rice paper rice vermicelli green pepper thinly sliced red pepper thinly sliced cucumber thinly sliced green onion thinly sliced cooked chickens breast or shrimps cook to...


Pumpkin roll

Pumpkin roll 3 eggs 2/3 c pumpkin 1 tsp lemon juice ¾ c flour 1 tsp baking powder ½ tsp salt 2 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp ginger ½ tsp nutmeg ¾ c sugar Filling 1...

Random Chat #110

How anal are you? Obsessive compulsive? Do you line things up? Do things have to be folded a certain way? Do tell!

Started by Katherine on 12/13/2011 in Bitchin Ladies

Last update on 12/17/2011 by Katherine


Homeaid Baby Wipes

Take one roll of paper towels and cut it in half. Mix 1 1/2 cup warm water 1/4 cup baby oil 10 squirts of baby wash Take cardboard middle out of paper towels and pour...

Started by Kristy on 04/28/2009 in Money Saving Tips

Last update on 04/28/2009 by Abbey


I make my own baby wipes

Take a role of Bounty paper towels, cut in half and take out the cardboard center. Put two cups of water in a Tupperware container that the paper towels will fit in. Add one...

Started by Tiffany on 02/04/2009 in Money Saving Tips

Last update on 02/04/2009 by Jessica


making your own baby wipes

I just did this the other day and they work realy well I think I may just keep doing this Making your own baby wipes will not only save money, but you will know for sure that...

Started by Susanah on 09/30/2009 in Money Saving Tips

Last update on 10/01/2009 by Maggie


Publix Coupons

It is worthwhile to check the Publix circular in Sunday's paper. If you spend $10 on either Sunday or Monday, you can get one specially priced item for 1 cent. Yes, a penny....

Started by Cynthia on 12/30/2008 in Money Saving Tips

Last update on 12/31/2008 by Danielle

Announce your business

If you have a business opportunity please tell us about it. My hope is that we will get lots of Moms that are looking for work from home opportunities in this group. This is a...


Random Chat 70

That last one was a blast. Lets see if we can do that again. LOL

Started by Shannintipton on 09/28/2011 in Bitchin Ladies

Last update on 09/30/2011 by Elizabeth


Homemade Wipes

3 cups water 1 tbs. (heaping) baby oil 1 tbs. (heaping) baby bath 1/2 roll Bounty paper towel

Started by Theresa on 01/11/2009 in Money Saving Tips

Last update on 04/29/2011 by Shelby


Random Chat 69

Well I dont know about you but this number has a special meaning for me. What do you think??? LOL

Started by Shannintipton on 09/27/2011 in Bitchin Ladies

Last update on 09/28/2011 by Shannintipton


Make Your Own Baby Wipes

Things You’ll Need: 1 roll of paper towel 3 qt plastic container with lid 1 tablespoon baby soap 1 tablespoon mineral oil (baby oil) 1 knife (or alternate cutting...

Started by Joanna on 03/17/2009 in Money Saving Tips

Last update on 03/18/2009 by Joanna


making your own whipes

I got this from my sister-n-law. I take 1 roll of bounty fun prints, cut it in half, (this takes some effort. I perfer to use a bread knife.) In a measuring cup mix 2 cup water,...

Started by Erin on 04/24/2009 in Money Saving Tips

Last update on 04/26/2009 by Charlotte

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