step parents

hi everyone...new to facebook and this app.......just introduced my new partner to my three children{2,3 and 6} he has bonded well with the two younger ones but has trouble with...

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Whats your opinion?

Ok first off I want to let everyone know my story. On June 11 of this year I woke up with terrible cramps and decided to go to the doctor where I found out I was pregnant. I...

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Needs another mothers advice PLEASE....

Ok so I am 22 years old I have 2 kids one boy almost 5 and a lil girl 17 months they are for sure THE BEST thing in my life... Well I live out of state from my family I have...

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Single Mommy To Be

I am due in October and since the father of my child found out I was pregnant he has had absolutely nothing to do with me. Doesnt even call and ask about doctors appts or attend...

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Neglectful Natural Mother

My step-daughter will be 10 in January, and her mother is a drug-addicted who smokes crack, and has been on and off drugs since Thea (my step-daughter) was 1 year old. I have...

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Room sharing....... ADVICE PLEASE!

We are currently looking at moving into a 2 bedroom apartment from our 3 bedroom. The main reason is we'd like to live in a better part of town and cannot afford a 3 bedroom...

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My 11 month old won't sleep in his own bed...

My son is 11 months old, almost 12 months. He had a hospital stay the beginning of Jan. for two nights. A week after the hospital stay he had an MRI done. Ever since the MRI...

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Bedtime problems

my 17mnth old son will not sleep on a night until he is absolutley exhausted. he wont give up the bedtime bottle which i dont mind too much as its the only time he drinks milk,...

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DISCIPLINE please help.....

I thought my daughter was deaf,but we have recently found she is just very ignorant. Our daughter is really defiant just won't listen the more you say to her don't touch or get...

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deadbeat grandmothers

my son's paternal grandmother is a deadbeat she uses the excuse that she doesn't like me as a reason not to have any communication with my child. No birthday card or expression...

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Hi everyone, we've just had a diagnosis for our youngest daughter of 4 as being autistic on the High functioning scale, that is to say she has all motor abilities and is a happy...

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Problems with my Father In Law

My father in law is a strange person. He likes to say mean and nasty often untrue things about people, well me and my family. For the first two years of my marriage I just took...

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plz help!!!

I have two little boys there my life i have been with there father for 4yrs now we live together and he cheats on me he stays out for weeks he dont do anything for our kids he...


Another gal with MIL issues...

Let me start by saying how thankful I am for all my in laws do for us. I'm not sure if I am looking for advice as much as I just need to vent. My MIL is a garage\yard sale...

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