Joint custody vs Sole Guardianship

Hi, I'm the mother of a 6 year old girl from a previous marriage and currently residing in New York state. However I'm also pregnant and that baby's father is a Canadian citizen...

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my daughter will be 13 next week and I have notice that she has started to get quite the attitude about everything, and it seems like everything I ask of her is a problem....How...

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Young mom's

It seems that recently there have been alot of young mom's in the news. I know that "older" mom's have a lot of problems too but it just seems that the past few years a lot of...


Help!? So stressed

I am 11 weeks pregnant and so confused as to what to do.. Please no lectures or judging but nearly 2 years ago around this time i found out i was pregnant i really wanted to...


Please pray for me and our family

My husband and I are having some financial problems. Doctors are still having trouble finding out what is wrong with my dad. He has seen a couple of specialists and they still...

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Stealing and lying.

I have nine year old that is very sneaky. He continues to take food out of the kitchen and hide it in his bedroom or sneak it to school. It is very frustrating. It is not...

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my daughter is 3 in August and up until 4 weeks ago would only settle to sleep in her pram. i am happy to say now she is taking herself off to bed. However there is 1 thing that...


Help I need to get in touch with my Latino roots

My mother died when I was 3 and my grandmother wanted me to grow up "white" because I passed as white and it would just be so much easier on me. I would like to give my boys the...

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custody HELLP!

MY ex and I divorced in 09. in 2010 he asked if he could live with him. I agreed since my son would be going to the local school that i was familiar with and my other children...


Step son keeps comparing

I have a 8yr old step son and a daughter who is almost 2yrs old, when ever I buy something them for them he would compare it and say see u both 2 things for her and 1 thing for...

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