Okay.....This is kinda weird.

Maddy was born with a shortened frinulum (sp). We were told that unless we let the doc "clip" it (the piece of flesh attaching the bottom of the tongue to the bottom of her...


Hi im 15 and im expecting

iv gotta say im bricking it, but my family and (older)friends are sticking by me my boyfriends mother is also sticking by me as she had him young, iv got 8nephews and nieces so...


Accused of Spanking

My 7 yr old SS has told his bio-mom that I spank him and his 2 sisters when their rooms aren't clean. I haven't laid a hand on any of them (but have wanted to). I'm all for...

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Clingy baby...please help.

Hi there. So Molly ( 18 months old ) who has normally been outgoing has now decided she has to cling to me 24 hours a day. She used to go right to bed now she freaks. Should I...


How Things Went

Hello my name is Krystal Beers I was 18 when I found out that I was going to have a baby I was with my babies father till he tried to run me over, threaten to stab a knife threw...


being a young single mom!

I guess it is harder to do the raising of a child without a father in the childs life, but in my case it is so much better. I get to raise my child and he is blessed with great...


somebody help give me advice

How do I deal with stress when my kids father got 24 years in prison?im Single mom working part time job try pay bills without a fulltime babysitter im so stressed somebody...


15 year old help

My 15 year old sd came to live with us over 2 years ago due to her mother not being able to handle her. This is not the first time she has come. When she was 10 her mother sent...

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moms with BIG families. i need your help!

ok, heres the deal. i am pregnant and have 7 kids already. i am pretty inventive most of the time but i seem to be stuck in a rut as far as simple meals to feed my crew go. i...

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Picky Eater

Any suggestions on getting a five year old to eat something other than pizza, McDonalds, burger king, and tacos. I went to Kraft foods.com and got a recipe for meatball sub for...


Need help bonding with stepdaughter

Hi there, I need some help bonding with my stepdaughter. I have known her for three years and really struggle to find that motherly love feeling with her. I do care about her...

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Bio-mom is crazy!!

I have been reading lots of the post on here with advice of ways to deal with the bio-mom, but I am just curious if anyone else feels the same as I do.. Lots of post say that...

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mother in law and my husband

My mother in law has in her room a picture of my husband and his ex with their daughter on her wall. Ever since I came in to the picture and I saw it I mentioned it to my...


B. Mother Rejecting Responsiblities

I have two stepsons (6,5) and one stepdaughter (3) PLUS my son (8), and two daughters (5, 19mo). We have custody of ALL children in a his/hers/ours household. My hubby has had...

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A lil help

Hi everyone...my name is Amy i have a 8 month old daughter...although me and my partner arent married yet this was the closest way to get advice...my partner has been in the...


Shift Work advise NEEDED

My husband just PCAed to a new squadron that does shift work. He is incredibly excited about this new schedule, but it is definitely taking a toll on me and our son. Our son...