What is your opinion? Would you buy one?

Breast-feeding baby doll If you have visited the baby doll section of a toy store, you know about the miniature strollers, bassinets, and changing tables designed for kids to...

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BO's BS...

An article on BO's hot air on what he wants you to think is happenning, and what's actually happening. BO's, BS is getting real thick and unfortunately it may affected our...


Hi everyone!! Question

December is coming up for everone turning one. Are there a lot of babies born on or close to christmas? Ava is born on the 23rd and I really want to make sure she gets a...


School Made Me Feel Dumb

I stumbled across this blog post this morning and it raised a lot of questions for me... When school started failing my daughter I started to see that I had been brainwashed,...

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Christian denominations

What denomination are you? What denominations do you consider to be 'valid' Christians? I know many Catholics disagree strongly with Lutherans and vice versa but is there more?...

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I am not Catholic but I believe that this really exposes Obamas and his master plan. If you are Catholic....I am curious to what you think about this video.


Happy Holidays!?

Hi everyone! Just wanted to say hello and ask what everyone's plans are for the holidays? Do you celebrate Christmas? What are your traditions? Are you jolly St. Nicholas or...


Concerts that you have been too.

I myself havent been to any concerts in my life. THATS going to change!! Tell me what concerts you have been too and what were your faves!!

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