Advice about SIL

I have been having some issues with my sister in-law. She has always been kind of a motherly, know it all type. She gives a lot of unsolicited advice about parenting my...

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Is this normal?

I tried for more than 10 years to have a baby with no success, and several miscarriages. So when I found out I was pregnant in early 2007, I was cautiously excited. We didn't...

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Single Parenting

I`m a single parent and love it but it gets hard sometime emotionally. So if there are any single parents out there that feel me I could use the support. thanks:) (not that I...


Entertaining my easily bored Daughter

My daughter, Marlie, is very active and very easily bored. Nothing seems to keeo her entertained for more than 10mins. I have PND and propably dont interact with her as much as...

Started by Jessica on 04/03/2009 in July 2008 Babies

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my 5 year olds night terrors

HI all Would like a bit of advise about night terrors. My little girl Paige is 5 and has really bad night terrors, she starts of by crying then gets really hysterical running...


Losing weight with GD

I am 31 weeks and just got diagnosed with GD 5 days ago. I have been sticking to the diet and mostly my sugar levels are good, but I have lost 4 pound already! I had gained 28...



hi im 21 and i have a son that just made 1 in december i am now 8 months pregnant living on my own and i walk my son to day care and walk to work everyday sometimes i dont get...


pap test question..?

i saw that alot of people are saying that they got a pap test at 6 or 7 weeks after they had there babys.. my doctor never mentioned about getting one done and my daughter is...


toddler out of control

can anybody help me? my 16month old daughter keeps biting people and head butting. it is getting rather worrying as she head butts walls & floor etc and has bumps and bruises...

Started by Nadine on 03/26/2009 in Toddlers

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MMR - have you thought about it?

I know that the MMR is controversial these days and that many people point fingers at it as the cause for autism. My daugher is getting close to the age when she's due for the...


Jobs for stay at home moms

Hello, I am new to the website and I'm also a new mom recently without employment or an income. I thank god and my husband for letting me stay home with our baby, but i have the...


Just need to complain....

My step-son is 5 1/2 and I can hardly handle him. I have 3 biological children (ages 8months, 2, & 4). My step-son visits every other weekend (my husband drives 60 miles, there...

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step parent legal rights

You know i've tried looking it up but I just get confused. I live in michigan and I am wondering if anyone knows what a step parent's legal rights are. Also can step children...

Started by Laura on 12/26/2008 in Step Moms

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