My child is three years old and according to her doctor she is showing genuis tendencies. We had her tested and she is on a 1st graders level of reading and a 2nd grader level...


Should I have more children??

So I have 2 children. Oldest is almost 4 and youngest is almost 2. My husband let me know that he would like to have more children, but he does not want me having children...

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Breastfeeding rant

I was talking to my good friend today. I'll start by saying that my friend is a guy and has no children. Anyway, he was trying to convince me to do some liquid diet. I told...


Pregnant by best friend's dad what to do?

I've known my best. Friend's dad for years... I went to his house to get someting, and we sat and talked. He told me he's always been attracted to me. We ended up going to bed...

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New info about my son...

I recently posted a problem with my son not listening/paying attention, and so on. Today, I spoke with the playschool director. There is a problem in the classroom, with 3...


Had enough!

Does anyone know of a way to get a baby to fall asleep without nursing? I'm at my wits ends and frankly am over it. I've tried patting, rocking etc but my daughter absolutely...


Are you extremely far from trusting?

I've come to find that I have a hard time trusting people. Anyone. Not just males but people in general. Mostly males though. I have a legitimate explanation as to why I am this...

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I am suffering from Anxiety which i dont really understand myself and find it hard to explain how i feel,i am under going help from councellors for it and talking things...

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Daddy issues and am i right or wrong

I have two boys with the same guy, he is now married to one of the girls he cheated on me with I have sole custody and placement of both boys. We do not get along at all do to...


emotional intensity

I was wondering if anyone else out there has an emotionally intense gifted kid and if so what do you do when their emotions get the best of them? My son is six. He started...


Bed Rest

I'm on bed rest now until the end of my pregnancy (Dec. 4th) because my cervix is thinning out too fast. I'm now at a high risk of having a premature baby and my doctor is...

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What do you do for Father's Day?

My exhusband pretty much gave my dughter the shaft. Which is actually a good thing, if you knew the whole story you would agree. However, I think she still gets kind of sad that...


Judgemental mommas!

Okay I might get some negative feedback from this but here goes. I am straight up pissed off about how defensive and single minded I have noticed so many people being. Isnt...