school & work

I am a single mother trying to get back into the work field and go back to school to finish my degree.. I n the town where I live I am all by myself my closest family member...

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Not taking bottle!!!

My little girl is 2.5 months, and she just hates the bottle! Maybe I missed the window to introduce the bottle to her, but she was only 6 weeks old when I started....


Possible to outgrow Food allergy?

I think my son (1 year old) has an allergy to eggs - got a rash a few hours after eating them. I have heard that it is possible to 'grow out' of food allergies...when would it...


17 month old hitting

Recently my 17 month old daughter has started to hit whenever she becomes upset, frustrated or angry. She doesn't always hit people... sometimes its the toy she is playing...


Lazy Baby? :S

My 9 month old daughter doesn't seem to be interested in moving at all. I'm not trying to rush her into crawling or walking or anything but I think I just assumed she would be...


Toddler and terrible two´s

I need someone´s help. Lately every time I go out my daughter has a freak attack. Then soon after she goes into a store with me and she tries to knock off every thing off the...


controlled crying??

my just turned 11 month old daughter has always slept in the bed with me and my partner and i have nerly always ethier rocked her to sleep or lay with her to get her to sleep,...


Advice about SIL

I have been having some issues with my sister in-law. She has always been kind of a motherly, know it all type. She gives a lot of unsolicited advice about parenting my...

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Is this normal?

I tried for more than 10 years to have a baby with no success, and several miscarriages. So when I found out I was pregnant in early 2007, I was cautiously excited. We didn't...

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Single Parenting

I`m a single parent and love it but it gets hard sometime emotionally. So if there are any single parents out there that feel me I could use the support. thanks:) (not that I...