ex wife from hell strikes again

So - my husband FINALLY got custody of his son. Now, the ex wife has to pay child support - going to court for that on friday.. The new thing she is pulling now - she is bashing...

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How do you handle twins with one having a delayment?

I have 4 yr old twin boys (fraternal), we just took them to their 4 yr old check ups and the doctor noticed that my one son Twin B was still in diapers. I reminded him that he...

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step mom of a one year old

Is there anyone else out there with a step daughter that young. would love to see if you have some of the same issues I am having with the bio mom as I am.... Met my husband...

Started by Carol on 07/21/2009 in Step Parenting

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to much too soon?

my ex and i split in march but i felt the relationship over a long time ago. well it was easy for me to start seeing someone else. in the mean time i am currently going thru an...


New Mom, New Wife, New Life

I have a 3month old. Im trying so hard to do my best. i feel like a bad mom. im exhausted all the time. i cant figure out how to keep the house clean n take care of it n...

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BM getting on my last nerve!!!!!!!!

I am 26 years old. i have twin daughters who are mine. and my boyfriend who i have been with for 6 years has two children with his ex girlfriend, a b/g who are 9 and 10 years...

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Mother In Law/ Family

I cannot stand my future MIL. she acts like my son is hers. she had her chance and screwed it up. i have no idea how the future hubby ended up as well as he did but she drives...


Ah...temper tantrums

My son is15 months old. He has recently learned that if he doesnt get his way he can throw himself on the floor screaming. My husbands says that I have spoiled him but darn it...



Hello, I have a 5 months old daughter who is strictly breastfed. I have a little bit of a situation though. She is a very stubborn child. She will not take a bottle, even a...


Cloth Diapers

I am eleven weeks pregnant and I have decided that I am going with cloth diapers this time. I don't need advice on the pros and cons I have researched all that and made my...


Let's talk about Murdock!

Murdock and News Corps, News of the World, and FoxNews. Are you ready for this? Rupert Murdock’s News Corps, its one topic with many facets. So, what do you think, will...

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Affordable but Elegant Rehearsal Dinners

Hi! My 22 year old will be getting married sometime next year. But with the economy the way it is and having had to pay for two kids in college and one in private school, we are...



Wow...I'm happy there are some people I can relate to out there. I have a daughter who is 14 months and a son who is 2 months....12 months and two weeks difference. Things are...


People and their negative opinions GRRRRR

Ok so from the beginning my finace and I started co-sleeping, It started out as unitentional...it was more convenient for me seeing as we all shared a room anyways and I was...


Lying, stealing, and talking back

Not as worried about the latter part as I know he is trying to feel out his boundaries but what to do about lying and stealing. I recently have been finding money missing out of...