Is this normal?

I have been exclusively breastfeeding my son with no bottle or pacifier for almost nine months and although its hard...I love it! Lately, many people have been telling me that...

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Preschool Language....

Ok-so I know my son isn't perfect and will call someone a name that he shouldn't every once in a while but there is one child at my son's preschool who is always getting in...

Started by Megan on 06/10/2009 in Children Of 2006

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How do I stop the tantrums??

My daughter is 22 months old and thorws horrible fits, throwing herself down, yelling, even to the point of biting herself. The biggest issue is getting her dressed in the...


Grandpa charged with forcing kids on hike

"A man accused of forcing his three young grandsons to hike 30 kilometres in 40-degree heat at the Grand Canyon and denying them food and water has been charged with child...

Started by Kellie on 09/02/2011 in Hot Topics

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Mandatory Payment for Summer School

It used to be that if a student failed a subject, he/she could make it up in summer school and earn back that credit. Now because of budgetary constraints with staffing and...

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Looking for work at home opportunity.

Hello all. I'm looking for a work-at-home opportunity. Something that doesn't require parties or inventory. Also need something with a low, if any, start up fee. If anyone...

Started by Evelyn on 11/27/2008 in Work At Home Moms

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Being a single mom and dealing with dad

My daughter is 8 weeks old. She is such a joy and I love her more than anything. But I'm having a hard time dealing with her father. He is kind of wishy washy and is either...

Started by Carrisa on 07/17/2009 in Christian Moms

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Frustrations and guilt

I have a 10 month old little girl and only one person to watch her for me maybe one time a month. My husband and I rarely go out and last night we finally went on a real date! I...

Started by Gina on 09/04/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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Unhappy home life

Im married and as the days go on im gettin more and more unhappy. Iv tryed to leave a few times and am told im not leaven with the kids . Nothing changes when i tell him what my...


Epileptic Surgery

Our daughter is currently being evaluated for Surgery which we are scared to death of. We are curious to hear other surgery stories. And the outcome.. How you knew surgery was...


Feeling Overwhelmed with BM

Not sure where this topic can go needing some advice. Any one have BM problems? The BM to my two SK's is just awful!! She doesnt want to talk to me instead to him but my...


bullied friends

What to do when a friends' kid repeatedly hits/bullys or is rude to you or your kids? This hapenned to us and after repeated attempts to get my 'friend' to correct her child...