Hydroxyurea or hydrea

Hydroxyurea or hydrea... My doctor discussed the option of putting me on this drug to help with my SS symptoms. Have any of you or do you know of someone who has or is taking...


Recent news story

A 21 year old mom was arrested for locking her 2 year old in the closet when she left for work, and her boyfriend was supposed to show up to babysit 20 minutes later. The...

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milk supply help

I'm nursing my 4th child Oliver who is 5 months old. I'm not sure he is getting enough milk. He tends not to like to suck after the milk stops. I've tried pumping but it doesn't...



I have began homeschooling my child last week due to the fact that she cannot get into the Head Start Program. I am so far so good loving it, but at the same time am not sure if...


My 4yr9mo son wants to nurse again

HELP, i am nursing my 8 mo old and my 4yr old got curious so after much consideration decided to let him try it since i figured he would be grossed out...WRONG!! he said he...


Birthday present

I am the stepmother of a boy with autism. He is turning 6 and I do not know what an appropriate present is for him. He is generally not interested in what typical six year...



My son is 24 his off to start his training on navel subs. Im feeling proud but weepy. He was born at 27 weeks and has battled and overcome muvh in his life. How do i let go.


birth certificate

The biological father and my had a relationship that was compromised from the beginning . I remained pragnent from the time I was still in high school and he "advised" me to...


Water broke at 24 weeks

I'm having my 1st child and I'm scared out of my mind my water broke at 24 weeks I've been in the hospital on bed rest today I'm 26 weeks but at the last check there wasn't much...

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Changes in my 7 Year Old Son?

I want to start this post by sharing a dream I had two nights ago. A nightmare as such. My husband had to wake me as I was screaming and crying. I dreamed that I was standing...


I want another baby. Am I crazy?

I have two kids, an 8 year old and a 5 year old. They are both in school now, third grade and kindergarten. We have always said when our daughter is 5 and in school, we will...

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sometimes I get lonely and bored

About once a week I find myself just bored and feeling a little depressed. My daughter is school age and so I have the days to myself. This sounds great, but I am finding it...

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Hey everyone im new to the board...

so i thought id come on here and introduce myself to everyone :) my name is becca...im mommy to 4 wonderful kids. i have kyra who is 7 yrs old, tristan who is 5 yrs old, reina...

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