Hard to understand read this

it is hard to understand a 2 yr old and there moods my lil one flips out ez and i have no idea what to do i dont no it i should send her to get help or what this did not start...

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please help

if anyone on here knows of anyone who is a personal trainer or anything along those lines that i can at least email and get some type of advice on how to lose this weight PLEASE...

Started by Kortney on 07/27/2010 in Babies And Infants

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my 7 month old hates to be on his stomach and has no interest in crawling. any suggestions?anyone having the same problem?


Need advice

Im expecting with my first baby who is expected to arrive September 13th 2015. I've been alone for this whole pregnancy. I told the father of my baby that I'm pregnant as soon...

Started by Jasmine on 03/24/2015 in Expecting

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OMG! I can't believe this...

To start, I'm five months and two weeks pregnant. So, I got a text this moring at 8:14 from my daughter's father. He told me that he has been doing "alot of thinking and...

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am i failing as a mother???

I am a single momma and trying hard to survive. i feel like I'm failing sometimes because i was doing so good before i got pregnant. i was even taking care of my second cousin's...

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Pregnant family members..

Our son, Matthew Wallace was born on August 5th, 2010 at 20 weeks 5 days. My fiance and I are still struggling with the tragedy of our son passing.. My sister, who had recently...


New here, 2 yr old son has CP

Hi everyone! My name is Stacey. My firstborn son, Kaeden, has spastic quad. cerebral palsy. I was almost 42 wks when I gave birth to him. He went into distress during birth...


Wish they were mine...help

I have been stepmom or smom for 15 years. The 2 of 3 boys have lived with me full time since they were 3 and 5...the youngest since he was 11. There half sister who is not...

Started by Christy on 02/03/2009 in Step Moms

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I can't handle my daughter's sense of entitlement!

My daughter just turned 18 in January. Her father and I are separated and she uses that to her advantage. Her father has been uninvolved as he works in an industry that...

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temper tantrums

omg i have twins of 20m and for the past 2 weeks one has been having massive temper tantrams,over getting his nappy changed,getting dressed,even over his toys.sometimes im...

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defiant 16 1/2 yr old

my son is angry I'm not buying him a nice car . I almost did but he blew it with bad bahavior. I now am buying a 1500.00 Crown Victoria. He's pissed and called me a whore, bitch...


when you can't walk away...

Let me first say MOST people that know me think I am pretty patient with my kids... Without babbling on,my son is almost 8,has "severe autism" and is "non-verbal". He does...