a penny aside

everytime you buy something put that change away in a piggy bank

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what age did you start baby cereal?

im wondering when a good time to start my baby on cereal is. she takes a WHOLE can of formula a day and it seriously cost us a fortune. she is ALMOST 2 months old.


How much is too much??!!

A friend of mine buys her 3 yo a treat (toy, book, whatever he wants really!) almost everytime they go shopping. I like to limit treat buying to maybe once every few months...

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Potty training help

I have a two year old little girl. She loves to sit on the potty and tells us all the time that she has to go, but when she sits down nothing happens...we can sit and sit but...


How do you break a 6 yr old of whining?

Our son is 6yrs old...but looks 8...height wise and I would like to know how do I break him of constant whining?We send him to his room and tell him to shut the door but that...

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baby words

my daughter is 13 months now and i was just curious as to how many words they should be saying by now?????? i think she says around 12, give or take a few...


Kids & Allowance

At what age is it appropriate to give a child an allowance? Growing up we were never given an allowance and were allowed to "buy" things when we had been behaved and had been...

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how do i keep my house clean

I have 3 kidds and it seems like every time i pick up they are behide me getting everything back out any tips to help????

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lets give eachother potty training tips.

it seems like after reading the conversations most of us are training our 2 yr olds.i think it would be helpful for us to share our own experiences.successfull or not. we can...

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Lets name him Paul and pronounce it Gary!

The title is a joke one of my guy friends made forever ago about if he ever had kids... Basically, what are your thoughts on odd-ball spellings of otherwise normal names?...

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