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Teen son video game/technology addiction

Hi. This week is my vacation from work. I had prearranged a trip to a nice resort on the beach. When we got there, my son refused to participate in any activities, except 30...

Started by Marsha on 08/08/2014 in Moms Of Teenagers

Last update on 07/12/2016 by Gardensparrow


Guessing race?

Does anyone have the problem when you're out with your kids, people trying to guess what color they are? I've been out w/my youngest several times and people have asked if her...


Charging kids to play on the playground??!!

In the borough of Wandsworth, London, children will be charged £2.50 to use the local playground on weekends. The Wandsworth council says it will help fund £55m worth of...

Started by Katherine on 05/13/2011 in Hot Topics

Last update on 05/14/2011 by Tah


Playing with your children

I saw on a local morning show this morning they were discussing that children cannot keep themselves entertained these days. Do you play with your children all the time or can...


How often do you play with your kids?

How often do you play with your kids? I mean actually sit down and play with them. We play basketball with my older kids DS9 and my SK's We play UNO, tic tac toe,...

Started by Britt on 07/18/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

Last update on 07/20/2011 by Sherri


Play time with your baby

First I should say that I'm fortunate enough to be able to stay at home all day with my little guy. He's about 10 and a half months now and I enjoy (almost) every second of...


How do I play with my 5 mo. old boy?

I want to play with my son. He is our 1st kid and I want to do more than read, roll on the floor, and talk to him. I feel like we interact some and I put him in his swing or...

Started by Sangrid on 11/04/2009 in May 2009 Babies

Last update on 11/06/2009 by Dana


hair playing/pulling

my daughter is almost 19 months, and for her comfort thing, she plays with my hair. she'll get it wrapped around her fingers and it hurts sometimes. im trying to get her to...

Started by Shannon on 01/19/2011 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 01/19/2011 by Lacye


do 15 month old girls play with dolls??

Do 15 month old girls usually play with baby dolls or just carry them around? My husband says she is a tomboy because she likes to play outside, in her sandbox, with a soccer...

Started by Chesnie on 09/02/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

Last update on 10/31/2012 by Sally


Playing outside alone

So two other threads in other communities got me thinking about how much freedom I give my toddler. Since she was 19/20 months old I have let my daughter play in our small,...

Started by Janice on 02/02/2012 in Hot Topics

Last update on 10/19/2012 by Kelly


son wanting to play with baby dolls

My son is 3 almost 4 and he is like a typical boy he loves all boy stuff but he loves baby dolls to or stuffed animals he just told me he didnt want this dinosaur thing for...

Started by Ashley on 12/15/2009 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 08/13/2014 by Vsmit27


Playing with his 'business'

My little boy is 8 months old today, I have a little issue. I refuse to call it a problem.... yet. If you take his diaper off... he's PLAYING WIFF IT pulling, tugging,...

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