How often do you play with your kids?

How often do you play with your kids? I mean actually sit down and play with them. We play basketball with my older kids DS9 and my SK's We play UNO, tic tac toe,...

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Severe Pain with Tics?

My son is 10yrs old and has been diagnosed for 1 year. He has been on several different meds, most with little relief. He now has a new tic that pulls his body to each side (so...



Guys, I just need some insight. My 5 yr old with Aspergers started with hand flapping and in the last couple of weeks it has progressed to make sometimes loud noises while he's...


Tip Toes

My son crawled and walked a little later than normal... Crawled at 10 mos, standing/cruising around 12 mos and then walked on his own at 14 mos. He is now 21 mos old and all of...

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Felt green eggs and ham

Felt green eggs and ham can be used as tic-tac-toe pieces on a fabric made board. Great activityfor Dr. Seuss theme party. Found this pic on the web.


Intuniv Anyone?

We swiched 3 days ago to intuniv and was wondering if anyone else had children on it. thanks, Kari


travel distractions for 5-yr-old

I will be taking a long trip with my son in May, who will have just turned 5 by then. We have several hours in an airplane, a couple of days in one city, then about 8 hours all...


discrimination against adhd

Why is society wanting to institutionalise my son as its easier for certain bodies. I feel society ignores adhd as a illness and punishshes people for having a medical...


Badges?! We don't need no steenkin' BADGES!

So...was looking at my profile (and a few others) and I noticed a new "badge" next to the "community leader" and "smarty pants"...a deer. A deer? Really? Other moms who are mean...

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What should I do? PLEASE HELP :(

Hey moms I need some advice. How can I give my kids the best Christmas if we don't have any money? The money we had saved up someone stole out our truck along with important...