Feeding issues with a micro-preemie

I have twins who were born at 25 weeks. They are one week away from their due date and we brought one baby home two weeks ago and he is doing great. His brother on the other...

Started by Candie on 05/16/2011 in Moms Of Preemies

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Rainbow Children....?

Hi there, I am so relieved to have finally found a community that I completely identify with and visa versa. My daughter is 10 1/2 years old and very very special. First of...


HVAC or natural for my 2nd child??? Please HELP!!

I had a c-section with my first son.Now I'm due with my 2nd son on his 2nd birthday Sept 4th, Their father has left me, so now I have to do it all alone. I'm so scared of the...

Started by Nicole on 05/27/2011 in Expecting

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Almost 2 and still has no interest in...

My daughter will be 2 in aug and she still has no interest in using a fork or spoon. i work with her all the time i show her how to hold the fork / spoon and she will do it on...

Started by Cassie on 06/02/2011 in Toddler Moms

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HELP!!! Potty Training Advice!!!

My son Ashton just turned 3 feb.26th ... for some reason he does NOT want to potty train at all!!! He knows when he has a dirty bum, or when he pee's and he asks for a bum...


Stubborn potty trainee

My son is 3 1/2 and absolutely refuses to be potty trained. No matter what we do and believe me we have tried everything, he wants nothing to do with it. I am frustrated beyond...


ADHD & ODD in 8 year old boy

I was wanting to know if anyone else is having issuse with this. My son is a sweet smart child, but he is very mean to his little sister that is 5. She is starting to pick up...


Having a hard time getting my life back

I was at home with my son for 5 years because he was so sick. He is doing very well now. He is going to the first grade and I am working part-time. Even though Kevin is in...

Started by Angela on 06/19/2011 in School-Age Kids

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Time for a Toddler Bed?

My son just turned 16 months old, but for the past 2 weeks he has been climbing out of his crib. I have lowered his mattress as low as it will go and the rail stays up, yet he...

Started by Leanna on 06/24/2011 in Toddlers

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The entity of family

I often wonder what's happened to the sense of family these days. Growing up I remember regular get togethers at an Uncle's home for special occassions, my husband remembers...

Started by Shalon on 07/04/2011 in Christian Moms

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Teenager lack of hygeine and respect

My son I believe does not respect myself or husband. He is 13 years old, does not wash his laundry, wears the same clothing day after day. Has to be reminded to wipe his bottom,...


Pregnant Confessions

I have 26 month old son that is the size of a 3 and half year old. Just naturally tall and his weight is proportionate to his height. I am 33 weeks pregnant with my second...

Started by Cori on 08/03/2011 in MomConfessions

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