Post Partum Pre Eclampsia

My story: After giving birth to my son, we noticed in the hospital that my feet were swollen about three times their normal size. I couldn't even fit into the socks I had been...


Couple Lets Internet Vote on If They Should Abort

http://www.parenting.com/new/blogs/show-and-tell/sasha-parentingcom/couple-lets-internet-vote-if-they-should-abort?cid=fb http://www.birthornot.com/ Could this really be...

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So, I stumbled across this while browsing last night. http://www.mamamia.com.au/weblog/2011/02/the-best-parenting-book-you-will-ever-read.html I have to find my copy of 'To...

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Having a boy!

had 4d sexing scan yesterday at 16 weeks. so happy were expecting a little boy. we already have two boys and a girl. anyone else know yet? xx


New Here!

Hello All! My name is Heather. I am 33 yo and married. Both myself and my DH work full time.Our fraternal twins,boy and girl, will be 1 on Dec. 9th. I am looking forward to...

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Short Cervix?

Hey everyone!! I am currently 26 weeks pregnant with my second child on bedrest with a short cervix. I was admitted to the hospital on January 29th and have been here ever...

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Pregnant...But NO Proof :(

Hello ALL! My name is Cori and I would like to ask if there are any moms out there who were pregnant but had false urine and blood tests? I am sure I got pregnant on April 4,...


Fort Hood Hero

http://www.cnn.com/2009/CRIME/11/06/fort.hood.munley/index.html Since women police officers have come up in conversations in this community before, I thought this would be...


whats a good birth control

i hate talking the pill so i tryed the pach but it gives me a rash so i swiched to the pills thinking i wont forget but ido whats a good birth control????


Old Wives tales....

Okay Ladies I am pregnant with number 4 and I have 3 boys so I am wondering if you guys know some of the old wives tales... Morning sickness - Girl which I know isn't accurate...



I just don't feel right about giving my son any more vaccinations. He got his 2 month set. Since that time one of my girlfriends kids had his 6 month shots and was almost...


Random Chat 90

Mark is back to slapping his fat and song of the day was super-cala-fraj-a-list-ic well you get the point.

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3 months ago i had my beautiful daughter ' ZURI". everything went well and i was able to deliver her vaginally without any complications(Thank God!). so 8 weeks after having my...

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