Pee Problems

My step-daughter is 6 (almost 7) years old and for the last year she has been accident free. My husband and I were very excited that we could FINALLY ask her to go to the...

Started by Becky on 10/28/2012 in School-Age Kids

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need help getting my 16 month to stay asleep

My son is 16 months old and starting from a young age I used to bring him into my bed in the morning to cuddle (get any little last bit of sleep possible). Well now I am living...

Started by Lauren on 03/05/2009 in Toddlers

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Big Boy Bed

My son is almost 18 months old. Should I be in any hurry to move him into a big boy bed? Right now, my husband & I are planning to move him into the big boy bed (a twin bed...

Started by Jessica on 02/24/2009 in Toddler Moms

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booking in for pre-school

my baby is 5 months old and i have been told that i need to book her into pre-school now or we will miss out on a spot for her, can any mums who have done the pre-school thing...


how do i stop suz wetting the bed

she has a few good nites and then she just starts wetting the bed again and i have around four days where all i do is wash and dry her bedding

Started by Juliette on 01/11/2010 in School-Age Kids

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When is a good time to start trying for baby #2?

I am a 21 year old mom of a 15 month old little boy. My husband is 24. We have always wanted our children to be somewhat close in age. we think that 2 years apart is reasonable....

Started by Melissa on 08/12/2010 in May 2009 Babies

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keep my 2 year old in his toddler bed?

my 2 year old son had just moved into a toddler bed because he climbs out his crib, only problem is he normally sleeps 11 hours from 7pm but now were down to about 5! he is...


my son just started school.

my son just started school. it was only four hours into the day when the principle called and said that he had wet himself and they needed me to come and get him. When i arrived...

Started by Agatha on 09/13/2011 in Christian Moms

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Hi im new and need help

Hi all im new here. I have a 4.5 yr old daughter with GDD. she is doing really good. she was severe delay for language but is coming along very well. She will be starting senior...