How do I make this work?

We've been doing cloth diapers since about 2 months and my son is now almost 11 mos old. We've had nothing but problems though. :/ I bought Thirsties diaper covers, prefolds,...


Rough toddler

So, this is my 2nd pregnancy, my son is 2 and a half and very rough. Its hard trying to explain to him I cant be rough because of the baby in mommy's belly..I still want him to...

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When do you change your baby's diaper

I always change my son's diaper before I feed him, my mother in law asked why I do this because I know that he is going to poop about an hour after I feed him. That got me...


How do i keep a 2 yr old diapered?

Ok.. so he's usually in either baby kangas(velcro) or folded flannels with a cover, generally pinned. But ..the little nudist won't keep them on anymore! I keep putting him...



Well my son was just recently diagnosed with Autism, so they suggested we put him into the public schools asap.. I'm all for the earlier the better I'm just so scared.. My son...


help please help

I have a 2 1/2 year old boy the last of 3 and he is not even close to being ready to potty train yet! The other 2 were already done by this age.


Toddler/ baby stage

My Mom accused me of babying and not letting my 3 1/2 year old grow up. She had the nerve to say that she did that to me all my life till maybe when I got married. He's going...

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