When is a good time to start trying for baby #2?

I am a 21 year old mom of a 15 month old little boy. My husband is 24. We have always wanted our children to be somewhat close in age. we think that 2 years apart is reasonable....

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keep my 2 year old in his toddler bed?

my 2 year old son had just moved into a toddler bed because he climbs out his crib, only problem is he normally sleeps 11 hours from 7pm but now were down to about 5! he is...


my son just started school.

my son just started school. it was only four hours into the day when the principle called and said that he had wet himself and they needed me to come and get him. When i arrived...

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Hi im new and need help

Hi all im new here. I have a 4.5 yr old daughter with GDD. she is doing really good. she was severe delay for language but is coming along very well. She will be starting senior...


How to deal...

Okay so, i have a two year old little boy who thinks he can do whatever he wants when he wants. He doesn't listen to me at all! Its like i am not even there.. Its driving me...


New to group

My name is Erica and my son is Dillon. He was born May 4, 2008. He has been such a wonderful boy. He is the first child for my husband Blair and I. We enjoy watching him as...

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Life Begins at 40

I am a mom of 3 girls, aged 17 9 and 6 I believe it is not how old you are it is how old you feel, I must say I am certainly far more enjoying my 40's

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Rumpsters Oh's

Does anyone have experience with Rumpsters Oh's? A friend of mine has highly recommended them, but before I shell out the extra cash, I thought I'd try to get a wider sampling...



I love doing elimination communication with my boys - saves on diapers, washing the cloth diapers, wipes, etc. EZ-EC.com or diaperfreebaby.org for more info!

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Swallowed a nickel!

My very tiny 3 year old girl swallowed a nickel on Mondy afternoon. She kept telling me her throat hurt so we took her to get an xray. it was stuck about half way to her...