Stretched out diapers

I am sure that there are talented people out there that can help me. I have a daughter who will be three and hopefully potty trained in August of this year. I am pregnant with...


ABC Daycare has openings....

A fun, loving and educational daycare for your children. The facility includes basic preschool lessons, potty training, fun toys and a stimulating environment. As a member...

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2 nd baby?

I currently have a wonderful 5 month old ilttle girl and we are thinking about when to have our second. We want them to be close, but not too close. So what do ya'll think is a...

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Best Place to Buy Cute Big Kids Underwear

Anyone know of the best place to buy cute big girl underwear? I'm not into tv characters and that's all I can find at the groc. store, haven't headed to any boutiques, don't...


what age should my baby stard pre school

hi my daughter learn fast as much as i am saying the stuff to her she know what i and talking about, she bring and take thing went i ask her too and she know what she wanted...

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hi ppl

my son is 2 years old. we r workin on goin to the pot. he will pee-pee in the pot but he won't bo-bo n the pot what should i do about this i need help fast......................lol

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Bed wetting

My 3yr old son has been potty trained for a while now but has recently been wetting the bed every night and sometimes more than once a night. He does wake up right after he pees...



I'd like to talk about twins; mine are older now (age 26) and are fathers too. But, here is the thing: I have been through it!!! From helping each other climb higher to pee...

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I have a 4 year old to stop having accidents???

My 4 year old is suppose to be completely potty trained...But lately she has been having lots of accidents. She dont do it at school...But the moment she gets home. It is like...

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Help....pooping in the tub

I just got my 2,5 year old son bladder trained he has no problem going pee on the toilet but I can not get him to go poop. He will poop about every second day in the tub at bath...

Started by Michelle on 09/10/2009 in Potty Training

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Stinky Pee?

My 3 1/2 year old son is potty trained but sometimes waits too long to go to the toilet and pees in his pants a bit - especially if he's really into what he's doing. Anyway,...


Thumb sucking at age 3

I have a three year old who is still sucking her thumb! Especially when shes tired. How do I get her to stop? I keep hearing stories of kids who sucked till they were 10 - 12...


Problems with poo in the mornings...

My 2 year old son wakes up in the morning and if we dont hear him he will paint cot, walls and sometimes toys with poo! Has anyone experienced this and if so any suggestions on...

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need answers

my little girls birthday was inJune she is two. She weres underware all day but at nap and bed time I put a diaper on her cus she does number 2 What can i do to get her out of...

Started by Christina on 12/31/2009 in June 2007 Babies

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