Power Struggles PLEASE HELP

As I type this my 3 yr old is throwing a tantrum over stickers, yes I said stickers. They were supposed to be a reward for going potty in the toilet. But when I asked my son to...


Feel like a slave and angry

I feel like a total slave to my family with cooking, cleaning, feeding everyone every meal. It is exhausting and I have been doing it for years—my two kids are now teens. I...

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New here

Hey all, my name is Jacqui and my son is Kristopher born on Nov 4th of '06! Just wanted to say hi. Possibly meet some new friends!


I LOVE my cloth diapers!

I am so thankful I decided to cloth diaper my baby. I only wish that I had educated myself about it with my other two children!



Hi, my name is Kelly. My son was born with a short embilical cord which caused serious problems with delivery and his develpment. At around 11 months he stopped eating. He was...



My name is brittney godenschwager, im very new to all this. Not sure what to say or what i should be doing! My son will be 2 april 2nd. He truely as hit the terrible 2 stage. Im...

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Stretched out diapers

I am sure that there are talented people out there that can help me. I have a daughter who will be three and hopefully potty trained in August of this year. I am pregnant with...


ABC Daycare has openings....

A fun, loving and educational daycare for your children. The facility includes basic preschool lessons, potty training, fun toys and a stimulating environment. As a member...

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2 nd baby?

I currently have a wonderful 5 month old ilttle girl and we are thinking about when to have our second. We want them to be close, but not too close. So what do ya'll think is a...

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Best Place to Buy Cute Big Kids Underwear

Anyone know of the best place to buy cute big girl underwear? I'm not into tv characters and that's all I can find at the groc. store, haven't headed to any boutiques, don't...


what age should my baby stard pre school

hi my daughter learn fast as much as i am saying the stuff to her she know what i and talking about, she bring and take thing went i ask her too and she know what she wanted...

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hi ppl

my son is 2 years old. we r workin on goin to the pot. he will pee-pee in the pot but he won't bo-bo n the pot what should i do about this i need help fast......................lol

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Bed wetting

My 3yr old son has been potty trained for a while now but has recently been wetting the bed every night and sometimes more than once a night. He does wake up right after he pees...