Kalen Grace is doing so good with her potty training! I am so excited for her but she can't pull up the store bought panties cause they are too big. I mean big by...


proud of my 2yo!!

as bad as life can get, i can be depressed, having a bad week with my bf, the girls acting out, too much rain means clothes don't dry fast means dirty laundry all over the...

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My 3-year-old is pooping his pants, what do I do?

My 3-year-old son has been totally potty-trained since last summer. For the last week and half or so he has been wetting himself frequently and pooping himself once a day. Today...

Started by Charlotte on 01/15/2012 in Single Moms

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my 2.5 years old boy already trained on potty during day and sometimes he woke up clean in the moring but sometimes he made pee during night. Shall i wake him during night...


3 Year Old Nightmare????

My daughter is 3 Years 4 Months - She is generally polite, well behaved and a chatterbox....she goes from extremes of being really good and listening to what she is told with...

Started by Rebecca on 03/25/2010 in Children Of 2006

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housebreaking recently adopted dog

3 months ago, my family adopted a 2 yr old cockapoo named "Boo", he is such a sweetie and is very loved by our family- he is almost the perfect dog, except for his bad habit of...

Started by Kara on 11/27/2010 in Dog Training

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What are you mamas up to?

Baby has her first cold here! She\'s also getting 3 top teeth. I think the 2 are unrelated. What\'s something you did this week? Did you make something? Go somewhere great?...

Started by Aimee on 11/20/2008 in Kansas City Mamas

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Almost Three!

My son was born April 18th 206. I find it hard to believe that he is almost three! I would love to discuss wonderful times and 'tantrums' are going! Regards, Jill...

Started by Jill on 12/04/2008 in April 2006 Babies

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Anybody else going through this?

I have been doing EC with my daughter since she was 3 months old, she is now 5 months old. Last month I tried going completely diaper free at home and at others houses that I...

Started by Kiyomi on 01/09/2009 in Diaper Free Moms

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Intrusive strangers and family

Ok, I'm going to be as obnoxious as all the people who ask me "why don't you want more kids?" -- WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU WANT MORE THAN ONE???? One pregnacy, one morning...

Started by Jessica on 01/14/2009 in Moms With Only One

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1 son 18 months and one on the way

hello Everyone, I just joined the group. I am 29 and have 1 son who is 18 months old and I am 7 weeks pregnant with my second child. I have already had one miscarriage and...


planning for another?

I was just wondering if any of you other moms were thinking on having another child? If so when? We are going to try to have another child after our son turns two. Our son is...

Started by Antoinette on 03/20/2009 in First Time Mommies

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Diaper Free?

Natural Infant Hygiene? Elimination Communication? Does anyone out there subscribe to and practice this? I'm getting ready to give it a go and wanted to find support from other...


how do you handle 2 babies? Im so nervous

I am pregnant with baby #2 and she is due in aug. My son is 2 years old now. I am so nervouus about dealing with 2 babies.....any tips or suggestions would be great.

Started by Jodi on 04/30/2009 in Working Moms

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