Where is your child? Development wise.

What does your child know? Do they know their numbers, their ABC's, their name, potty trained? what is your child doing at this point? I seem to compare my son to my nephew a...


brand? how many? use either way?

I am thinking of getting sunbaby pocket diapers (24 covers + 48 inserts for $144) so affordable I hope they are deecent. How many will I need for both my boys? 24 enough? I have...


"I do it"

Well my daughter turned two a month ago and up until then she wasn't really talking. She's starting to get more verbal, the problem is her latest phrase is "I do it", and when...


cloth diapering a newborn.. advice?

I only started cloth diapering when my second child had just turned 2. I'm now expecting my 3rd, and plan to continue, because I love it :) However, I have no idea what to...


school too much?

my little girl (my oldest) has just started SK this year .. she did go to some of her JK year she started in march because she was finally ready ( had a hard time potty training...

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I'm new here.

I am a 41 year old mum with two boys. The oldest being 21 and the youngest been3. It seems strange to me to have to ask parents questions about things my wee one is doing and...

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Another new member with a 2006 Turkey :)

Hi all. My son was born in the wee hours of Thursday, 11/23/06 -- Thanksgiving Day. He's an only child, and I thought this group would be a wonderful way to see what similarly...


Should we have 2nd child earlier or later !?

I'm planning to have my 2nd child after my 1st baby reach the age of 1. But one of my friend disagree with me ! She said it's unfair to both as we are both Full-time mamas.Iif...


My husband refuses to change our Girl

We have a 3 yr old Girl and a 22 mth boy. Were working on potty training but when she poops in her pants he cleans her butt and yells for me to come get it out of her girl...

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My son is going to be 2 soon and i know its time to give up the soothers. However, he constantly is asking for it and its the only thing he finds comforting. We are having...

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Pooping at night?

I have a clever, verbal, almost 6 year old daughter who has been potty trained by day since 2.5, but wears a pull-up at night. Friends and doctors have always told me that it's...


Holding her pee at night

I don't really have a concern, just wondered if other kids have done this. My baby girl is only 3 months old, and is already holding her pee at night! Even though she can drink...

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3 year old regressing!! Help!

My daughter has been potty trained since she was 2 years old and she turned 3 in October. She rarely had an accident, even when her brother was born just a month after potty...