Does anyone relate to me?

I am reading all the posts and I am so happy that the majority of your children are in remission and doing well. I also see many of the children having leukemia, this is a...



Wondering how many deal with depression and how you work through it. I started taking B12 shots and they help.. But still every day is hard.


Do you ever doubt yourself?

Hi All, I have been homeschooling my 7 yr old twins since 1st grade. They are now in 2nd. I have my boys portfolio evaluation last yr and they are doing really well....

Started by Heather on 01/11/2009 in Homeschool Moms

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Constant feeding from 3am-9am HELP

I am currently exclusively nursing my 1 year old daughter and as soon as the clock hits 3am she is like a leech and nurses (mostly comfort nursing) until she wakes up at 9am (or...


2 Dogs 1 Cat Small house baby on the way!!

We live in a 936 sq ft. home We have 2 Large dogs and a cat and we will be bringing our beautiful baby girl home in mid may. I'm worried about brining home baby and my animals...

Started by Erica on 03/14/2009 in May 2009 Babies

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Feelings on Mother's Day?

My mom passed away under three years ago, and being a new mom I still have mixed feelings about the holiday. I was wondering if anyone else shared these thoughts?

Started by Jodi on 04/28/2009 in Motherless Moms

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Scared please help....

I believe I'm pregnant (haven't tested yet) but I'm afraid. The reason is because My 3 year old was born at 26 weeks at only 2lbs and I had a lot of complications with his...

Started by Cyndi on 06/15/2009 in Moms Of Preemies

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Product of a Teen Mom

I am the product of a teen mom and have formed an organization to help encourage young moms/moms of all ages. I wanted to join your group because of a comment that was posted...


What to do to gain full custody of SD?

Without getting into too much detail about my situation, PAS is definitely going on. BM has brought us back to court twice already since the judge ruled in our favor last...

Started by Penny on 07/08/2009 in Step Moms

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4 year old who wont write

I have a 4 year old boy who isn't interested in writing or even learning letters or numbers. Any tips on what I could do do get him interested in this before he starts school?

Started by Lisa on 08/05/2009 in Christian Moms

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Loosing a Twin at birth

So I wanted to know if there is any other mothers out there who have had the tragidy of having twins and loosing one at birth. I lost one of my boys just recently on July 15...