Visitation Rights....

So I had my baby in October, at the time his father and I were still together. Right after Thanksgiving we ended our relationship...during that time he asked me if he could take...

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I have a 5 yo girl with Aspergers. She has also been diagnosed as ADHD. So far, this is as far as we have gotten. We are going into see specialists April 14 and I would like...


Sleep Walker..

My son, who is 7, was recently diagnosed with Aspergers. We started him on Risperadol almost a month ago with no real side effect or problems. It has actually helped him SO...

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Non Hodgkins Low Grade Lymphoma

Hi I am currently in remission with low grade Lymphoma. I have 3 adult children all now living away from home - but still reasonably close by. I am now 51 years old. I am just...


Anyones 1year old have behavioural problems?

Tylers not long turnd one and his behaviour is getting out of hand... He hits me/people and causes scenes out in public for no reason at all...! He throws tantrums and...

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I am newly expecting at 43

I have a daughter taht is 23, she just had her first baby and I have 15 and 12 year old sons, and just discovered I am expecting again. I am not sure how far yet.... Grandma...

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My kids

I am so blessed to have two beautiful children. My daughter is a sophomore at UT Austin and my son will be a senior at JEHS in Edinburg, TX. They have been involved in our...

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2 yo having adjustment problems

my husband is stationed at fort bliss, TX. we moved here baout a month ago and for awhile my sone seemed to be adjusting well to the move, but in the last week or so he has...



My Fraternal boys are now almost 11 months old. How did you teach your twins how to share and how early? The boys are at a good age where they can play with each other and for...

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Premature Babies

My 6 month old son was born premature and I just wanted to know will my next child be born premature also? I barely had any complications with my 1 1/2 year old daughter, the...


My husband deployed....

My husband deployed when my lil boy was just 6 weeks old. I dont want him to freak out when his daddy gets home what can i do to make sure he knows who his daddy is when he...

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stubborn 8 year old

My son is almost 8 and is consistently wetting the bed, he doesn't do it everywhere just at mine and his dads house and occasionally at my sisters house, he doesn't have a...