cranky baby

My daughter who in four months is going thru this stage that when she is tired no one can hold her but me even her dad, it gets frustrating coz if i leave her with her dad at...



My son has ADHD I'll take any advice I can get.



How do u explain to ur kids why their daddy's not here. How do u let them know it's not their fault?



Hello Ladies!\r\nI am amazed at how quickly our Homeschooling Moms community is growing! We are now up to almost 500 members! I am excited to learn more about you as a woman,...

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a bit worried!!

i am pregnant with my 3rd child.after my little girl was born i had high blood presure,well it was only when i went to doctors,i ger nervous,now im worried that im gonna get...

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i am due march 7th and boy am i ready to see her! this is my first child a baby girl, and as likely as it prolly is to have her later can you trust your instincts on when you...

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advice from mums who lost a baby?

Hi, I have a friend who just found out her 20 week pregnancy has complications and it is likely she will have to terminate for the health of her baby and herself. Does anyone...

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Fertility Problems?

My husband and I have one child that I actually got pregnant with while on birth control. Last April we found out that I was pregnant again. we were so excited, but then in May...


Family Fighting

Does anyone know how to deal with the hurt feelings and overwhelming sadness you can feel when your grown child and your other child's wife are fighting so much and so fiercely...


Birth mom is MR/DD

Our beautiful little girl turned two in November and has been with us since she was nine months old. We signed the final adoption paperwork today (thank you God). Her bio-mom is...


Bought a potty seat.. Now what??

My daughter Alissa will be 2 years old in May. For the past month she has shown some interest in the potty, she follows me to the bathroom & i tell her that mommy goes potty on...

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Went to Pulmonary Specialist

The past two weeks have been a nightmare. My son's Pediatrician prescribed him an antibiotic, pulmicort, albuteral 3 times a day plus an oral steroid (for just 3 days). I'm...

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Bladder & Bowel Augmentation

AJ will be having his bladder and bowel augmentation surgery on Aug. 25th, not sure what time we have to be at the hospital. We go in July to meet the bowel surgeon and on...


Lost A Daughter

I lost my daughter Melissa. She was beautiful and gifted. Melissa was 23 years old. God gets me through my days and nights. I miss her every second of every day.