Partner or Child

http://news.aol.com/article/stacy-horton-abandons-son-to-save/789410 Man Saves Drowning Wife, Loses Son Her Car Had Plunged Into River at Night WELLINGTON, New Zealand...

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i just went throught 2 misscarriage this year i want to have another baby but i not sure is it time. i am scare to have sex with my husband . he dont understand want i am going...


cant get rid of brother-in-law. :/

my brother in law lived with my husband and i once for nearly 6 months. he was supposed to only be there a month. instead of making him get a job and get the heck out, my...

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dreading the next two weeks

right well let me start i had a very awful pregnancy i had cholestasis and it drove me nuts then i was induced and in labor for 3 days. i then had my fella back from the army...


discipline for an 18 month old

my son is 18 going on 19 months old. he is at that stage where he gets into everything he isnt supposed to, no matter what you do. ie: litter box, cat food, drawers, etc. i have...

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Biological Mom doing too much

My 12yr Old SD Visits her mom on the weekends and lately she's been over there more and ore. Well we all know that it's Tax time and so BM decides to spend money but instead on...

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When to start potty training

My son is turning two in a couple days and I have a couple friends with children around the same age who are starting potty training. We have bought a potty chair for my son...


I feel so alone

So back in June, I posted about having a baby shower for a second pregnancy. I ended up having a miscarriage and then conceiving the next month. This pregnancy is going great....


christmas for young?

Well i have a few family member who do not agree with the way i would love to raise Nora. I believe that Santa is a pagen situation. I dont mind if Nora believes in santa, but...

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