Scared to death

This is my husband's and I first child together. I have a 10 year old but I was clean when I had him. Now I'm almost 4 months pregnant and I am on 60 mgs of methadone. Some...


im confused...pls help

Hello eveeryone..im 6months pregnant for a man that I love but doesnt love me as much as I love him.he doesnt give me attention and want to rather be wit his frnds.we intend...



I'm seeking legal advice. I am a single mother to a beautiful three year old boy. I work a full time job, I am drug/alcohol free, I am not on any type of assistance and do...


38.5 weeks pregnant

Hi, I am new to this site. I am 38.5 weeks pregnant and 30 years old. I am terrified of childbirth and have done an OK job of putting off the stress for all of these months,...

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First time pregnant mother

I really don't know where to start. I have no idea what to do. The father of my child is in the military and decided he wants nothing to do with me. I have asked him just to be...

Started by Latisha on 05/21/2015 in Single Moms

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pls ne advice for my 11 yr old girl

My daughter recently went on vacation to portugal with her uncle and his wife etc. 2 see grandma i bought her a book "all about my body" for reading material her uncle recorded...


Not sitting, crawling or holding his bottle

Hi, I'm a first time mom and had my son at 34 weeks 4.14oz and I've never been around anyone else that had kids that were preemies. I'm feeling pretty loss on trying to get my...

Started by Rebecca on 10/11/2015 in Moms Of Preemies

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my daughter is pregnant

my daugher is 21 years old and she is pregnant. she is living at home (but I am not sure if is for much longer) she almost had a miscarriage. her boyfriend was kick out of his...


Single mum, lonely and confused.

I'm a single mum with a toddler, my boyfriend of 4years left me at. 3months pregnant because i refused to abort the baby, it's 2years now he's never called or asked after the....

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Will the state take my baby???

I'm 30 weeks pregnant in the state of California and absolutely terrified that CPS is going to step in and take my baby even though I am on a monitored methadone maintenance...

Started by Amber Leigh on 03/14/2016 in MOMS On METHADONE<3

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I dont know what to do!!!

My daughter chassidy is 12 years old.she is becoming a slut and i dont like it.she was caught having sex with a 17 year old at school!!! I found condoms in her room.she dont...

Started by Ashley on 04/10/2016 in Moms Of Teenagers

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1st baby on the way

Hi all. have my 1st little one the way..(Girl, Amory) not sure what to expect at birth... ? you can only plan so much.. how was your expriences? have you heard about the new...


I just need some support, I'm worried.

I'm 5 days late, I never run late. After having my kids my period regulated it's self within two months. I have a 8 month old right now. My period has gone back to its normal 25...


Irregular contractions

Hi I am 35 weeks 6days preg. And have been having irregular contractions for about 2weeks now. Last week i was dilated 3cm 80% effaced and as the days go by its getting more and...

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My twins were born at 31 week in July of 07. They weighed 3-5 and 3-15. The smaller one had a lot of medical issues as at 16 week into my pregnancy he was discovered to not...

Started by Michelle on 11/26/2008 in Moms Of Preemies

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