I Really am Scared

I am 19 and 71/2 months pregnant I have been searching for a job but I have not been able to find one yet. Ive been searching and applying to online jobs but I need an online...

Started by Andria on 06/13/2013 in Expecting

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Has any other mom lost friends after giving birth?

I'm 28 yrs old, and before and even when i was pregnant my friends were there for me. Even threw me a mini surprise baby shower for me. But after I gave birth I haven't seen my...

Started by Andrea on 10/26/2013 in Moms Under 30

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HELP! 21 w/ 2kids; Stay or GO!

Ok this is going to be long so relax! Please dont ridicule me or be judgemental ! Advice is all im asking! Im 21 from deep dwn south I got pregnant with my son 7.5 yrs ago at...

Started by Shaniqua on 11/17/2013 in Moms Doin' It Alone

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I need some serious advice and support!

I’m REALLY needing some advice and support right now. First I’ll give you a little background on my situation. I have 4 children. The 3 oldest are with the same man who I...


Baby #3...?

My husband and I have been back and forth on the idea of a 3rd child. We currently have a 3 and 4 year old and my step-son is 12. (Very helpful big brother, might I add!)...


TTC our first child and going crazy??

Hi everyone! This is my first post so I thought it would be smart to kind of give you a run down of who I am and my previous condition. I'm 19, but I feel like I'm 25! I'll be...


placenta back or front ?

i was told with this baby my placenta is at the front ?what does that mean ..will i have back labour or front labour .my placenta has never been mentioned in any of my other...


Hyperemesis gravidarum

Has anyone else here had hyperemesis? I had this with my son (now 21 mo. old) and had to be on a subcutaneous zofran pump for several months, and was nauseated for most of the...


Postpardum Depression

I had my son on September 19th, 2009. I remember feeling this anger and depression come over me after my husband left with the nurses to take Lachlan to the nursery which...