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I am Mum to William aged 3 and Edward 6 and a half months. Both planned pregnancies and 6 then 3 months to conceive. Both fast labours 4hrs 40 mins and natural births with baths...

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nausea when breastfeeding??

Hi, when my 3 month old breastfeeds i get nausea and i was wondering if anyone else gets this and if its normal. im a first time breastfeeder. It has only started in the last...

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My lactation consultant told me to use fenugreek 3 pills 3 times a day to get my supply back up. I was just wondering... Do you keep using fenugreek after your supply is back up...

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pam novak

i had my daughter her name is alexis ann novak 6 days early on feb 8th at 9:33 pm she was 5 pounds 12.2 ounces and 18 1`2 inches long shes a small baby i really didnt have no...



My daughter was born at 26 weeks because of a placenta abruption. After I became pregnant with my son, genetic testing was done and the drs said i was homozygous for the gene...


braxton hicks????

I think that is what it is called,but....is it normal to be having contractions at 28 weeks????i had a tight pressure feeling and slight cramps last night..it was soooooooo...

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new member

Hi my name is sharina, i am a mother of one with one on the way. im twenty-four,i like spending time with my son an my family.

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I have tested negative six times with store bought tests, but I am a week late...and I am never late...showing quite a few signs of pregnancy, but they could also be considered...


SURGERY for Cervix Cartalage so Scared!

So on Monday April 29th i was told im going for surgery as im dilating do to i have cervical damage. where my cervix is too soft. i had surgery before for my last pregnancy but...

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How many children? How old?

Im 25 in August and I have 4 children aged 5, 4, 2 and 7months and a 7month old baby, Im married and regularly attend church, Just wondered what everybody else does and how many...

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REAL contractions?

my doctor wants to induce me by monday because the baby is getting too big for the canal.. however i woke up pretty early with horrible cramps and semi braxton hicks...

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stretch marks

i am due tomorrow and i have a few stretch marks. does anyone know any ways to get rid of them after i have the baby?


Any one from Vancouver...

I have a really pissy doctor, hes really rude and always says thats how its supposta be in pregnancy when it hurts so bad all i can do is cry because not even tynanol gets ride...


Stretch Marks?

Does anyone know any stretch mark product that actually works and is affordable?

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