Okay help, birth control question

Okay I've had birth control since June 2011. Always had regular periods and what not. My last period was either the 21st or 22nd of December. And here it is January 27th and I...

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Pregnant or not

A week before my period was due i had 2 positive preg-sure tests all the other pregnancy tests came up negative my period then started on time only lasted 2 days then it turned...

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Hello :)

Hi! I just found this website, and I wanted to say hi! I am a young mother, currently expecting number 3, our miracle baby. My husband and I will celebrate our 4th wedding...

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groin pain

Okay so im 7 1/2 months pregnant, and i have been having a pain in my groin like it feels buised!!!! when im standing or walking or even bending down!!!! anyone else have this...


YOUNG san diego moms?

Hey my name is Amanda and I am 19 married and new to San Diego, my husband is in the Navy and getting deployed really soon...I am 6 weeks pregnant and looking to make friends...

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Maternity leave and contract work

I have a "regular" office job with benefits. I will go on disability/maternity leave like usual for that job. I recently picked up a second job doing contract work from home....

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Milk over production

In the last week my milk production has been insane! My son is 1 year old and nurses 2-3 times a day and a lot in the night. I have so much milk! I'm leaking constantly it...

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False Postive??

So about two months ago I had a D&C. Last week I took a pregnancy test and it came up postive so the next day i took another one and it came up postive still. So I decided to go...


Anyone have TTC diet advice?

I have been trying to conceive for 10 cycles now, 9 months. I started taking my prenatals months ago and folic acid as well. I have stopped drinking coffee and pop and am...

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dividing membrane

Hi, I went for my anatomy scan today with the peri and they could no longer see the dividing membrane with the twins. Can it disappear or am I worrying over nothing? First...

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Hcg levels

I'm 4 weeks 5 days pregnant with hcg levels of 187.6 is that normal or is something wrong


teen moms..

i had my baby at 16 and i am currently 17. my baby is now 8 months old will be 9 months in a few weeks. i am trying to lose the baby weight but cant seem to do it. what have u...