New baby

Is anyone else out there trying for another child. If so how long have you been trying. It hasnt even been awhole month for me yet. The waiting is so frustrating lol. I wish you...



Hello, My name is Janelle and I am 24 years old. I have a 2 1/2 year old son named John and I recently found out I am expecting again. My estimated due date is January 27....



My name is Erica. I am 26 years old and due with my third baby on Valentine's day. I'm quite nervous. I have Hunter who is 5 and Haylee who is 2. I'm from Michigan my boyfriend...


I have a great husband.

I was in the hospital for 6 days and my husband stepped up to the plate and took it all on. He has been doing all the cleaning and cooking since I came home. I am a very lucky...



Hi my name is Misty and I am a mother of 4. My oldest daughter started jr high this year! I have 3 girls 11,8,and 4. My little guy is my baby he was born November 14. I am...


underlying placenta and coloscopy??!?!?!?!

Okay so i have an underlying placenta issue right now and i am 23 weeks! i have to get a coloscopy test done in 3 weeks to check for cancer cells. I was told that i am not...

Started by Jessica on 09/28/2009 in Working Moms

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Went to the doctor

Well, I have posted a few other conversations about me thinking I was pregnant. Well, I went to the doctor yesterday to have a test and guess what... I AM PREGNANT! We go next...

Started by April on 10/06/2009 in Toddler Moms

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My husband

I so hope everyone has a husband whom loves them as much as I do! My husband without a blink, booked a room for me when I recived a call about a family issue! My husband is,...


Strech Mark Help!!!

How do u prevent strech marks? And most important how do u get rite of them or make them fade... They really make me self concius,, I cant even go swimming cause i dont want o...


One handed typing on the net

Hi everyone, I found a great site for all of us one-handed typers as we are holding and or nursing our babes it combines all your fav things on the net - shopping, movies,...

Started by Kimberly on 10/23/2009 in April 2009 Babies

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going back to work good idea or big mistake?

i want to go back to work but my youngest is only 6mnths i feel bad for wanting to go but i feel like its the right time ive been unable to work for about 6 yrs due to pregnancy...

Started by Martina on 11/21/2009 in May 2009 Baby

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Back to Back Maternity Leaves?

I was wondering..I live in Canada & If you have babies back to back, do you get 2 years MAT leave? I know 2 people who got pregnant right away..when their babies were 3-4...

Started by Jen on 11/21/2009 in July 2009

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Wierd dreams...

Does anybody ever have really weird dreams while your pregnant? I thought it would be fun to share some. I have had some crazy ones. Its funny tho cause if i watch a movie...