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I'm due September 23rd with this one. It's my fourth kid. It's a boy. And this has definitely been my worst pregnancy >.< I've been hospitalized twice for really bad cramping...


A question about breast size

When i was pregnant with my first daughter my boobs got bigger, to be expecting i know, when they stopped growing i went out and got bras to last me through my pregnancy, toward...

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6 weeks to go but 'oh so uncomfortable'....

Please advise....I have 6 weeks left of my third pregnancy (nearly 9yrs after 2nd one!) and my bump is very tight and most uncomfortable. I haven't been able to pick anything...

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Well hcg level # 2 came back...first one was 13 and 6 days later it is around 220-250. Sooo...good? bad? I never knew levels and everything else with my daughter.

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Should we have another Baby???

I am in my 7th month with my 3rd baby(A little Boy) and I am currently 38.Kids are,16 and 1,Hubby would like a big family,apart from morning sickness the entirity of my...


Bowel Changes in Nursing Toddler

Hi, I'm nursing my 2 year old and 26 weeks pregnant with #2. The last couple of days my son has been having really loose bowel movements that have a bad odor (really similar...


Weight Loss - LOST period?

So I got tired of lugging around the baby weight. My pregnancy was not nice to me via the weight gain. I gained a hefty 80lbs. I was 124lbs when I got pregnant. So as of June...


Mood swings and baby's father

I am just finishing up my first trimester and my moods have been a little off. I was taking medication for depression and anxiety up until I found out I was pregnant and then I...

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Can they miss twins in an ultrasound?

I went to the doctors 2 weeks ago for an ultrasound. My husband was betting that I was 10-11 weeks and I was guessing 12-14 weeks because of my size and symptoms. I was nervous...

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could i be pregnant again?

my dd is 3 months old. i was on the mini pill last month but just got of it since i realized if i dont take it within 2 hours of the same time everyday i start to bleed. pluss...

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Ectopic Pregnency

I have 3 gals and was on birth control i found tht i am pregnent with my 4th and it is ectopic i want to carry up this but Doc says it is not healthy and i am 5 weeks pregnent...


higher than average HCG levels?

Okay This baby is #3 for us and It was a surprise! I had spotting 2 days after I had a positive test and was a little concerned. I went for an ultrasound at 5 weeks 3 days (by...