"Deadbeat Dad" Issues.

Okay so, I'm a young single mom of a 10 month old baby girl but my ex isn't involved at all. He hasn't told any one at all that he even had a baby..not even his mother. Now, my...


2nd baby???

I always thought I wanted a big family. I have always loved children. I knew I was meant to be a mother and wanted it more than anything. My daughter is now 2.5 and she is my...

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Where to go from here?

My son's father has only seen my son once and he will be 9 in a week. Since my son was born I have not tried to pursue child support because I knew I could do it on my own...


Parenting Plan for Absent Father?

My story is a little bumpy and sorry that it is so long but I need some advice. I'm 26 and I moved to an oil boom city in North Dakota, met a guy and got pregnant very quickly....

Started by Samantha on 01/22/2014 in Single Moms

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In Need of Encouragement- Please Read

Hi, I am 15 and I'm 3 months pregnant with my first child. I battled with addiction when I was 14 and stayed clean for almost year only to relapse again. I got clean again, but...

Started by Kayla Charity on 03/03/2014 in Christian Moms

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does my mom know? im 17

im 17 im now a senior in high school i went to a private school for 9th & 10th & home schooled for the last two years i had fallen behind in school because i became...

Started by Autumn on 09/02/2014 in Moms Of Teenagers

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might be pregnant maybe not. advice?

Hi, so I really need adivice. I'm 25 years old. My boyfriend and I have been together for about 4 years now. I've been on my birthcontrol for about two months now. Right now I'm...

Started by Sabrina on 04/11/2015 in Moms Under 30

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Young moms.

I'm a young mother. I'm not a bad mother. I know a mother who is twice my age and is a worse mother than me. I love my children and would do anything for them. Age is irrelevant...


C section with Twins.

Hello, my name is Jaycee. I am 14, and 31 weeks pregnant with twin girls! The father will take a part of their lives and I have support from all of my friends and family. I just...


Father of my child left

This is going to sound crazy because it's been so long but here we go..... 2.5 years ago (when my son was 6 weeks old) I found out his dad was seeing another girl through pretty...


My 14 yr old is pregnant..

Yesterday morning I found out that my daughter, who is 14, is pregnant. I've barley said anything to her since I found out. Mainly because I'm really shocked & I just don't...


Boyfriend is driving my CRAZY!

Hello! I am 23 years old and am 9 weeks pregnant. Although this was a surprise pregnancy we are very excited and happy. BUT my boyfriend who is 32 is driving me insane. He...