Progesterone and spotting

I am 6 1/2 weeks pregnant after a miscarriage 3 months ago. The first pregnancy, I started to miscarry after light spotting and hearing the heatbeat at the ER. It happened about...

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My boyfriend and I have been having sex. Is it safe? Im 7i months pregnant. Do i risk having another baby?


Post-Transplant Mom

Hi Tiffany, How fun to "meet" someone who's so similar! I also had a kidney transplant (8/21/02), and have a 3-1/2 year old son. I was the 2nd post-transplant pregnancy at...


Will we ever have another baby??!

I have a 7yo son & 4yo daughter whom I love with all my heart. Last year I had it all planned, both my previous pregnancies happened within a month of being off the pill...


Can i keep the father away?

Hi, my name's liz and im a soon to be teen mom to my baby boy Santi. I had broken up with the father months before i found out i was pregnant. He was just a bad influence for...


Hi ! I am due February 20th , 2009

This is my 2nd preganacy and it 's been hard , afterall ....not all pregnancies are the same . I have had blood pressure down as far as 80/60 and my normal range is 120/80 . I...


New here

Hi all, I'm due Feb7th, 2009 and this is my third baby. I have a son, 4 and a daughter, 2 and this next little one is another girl. Excited to be entering the third trimester...


How Funny...

...to find another Oct '05 group! I'm a member of an Oct '05 group that split off from PregnancyWeekly.com. We have about 140 members on our board, all with babies that were...



Has anyone else ran into their babies having a reaction to fenugreek? I was taking 2 caps 3X a day and my daughter was having green and runny bm's so I stopped. Anyone else...

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strech marks

i hate them!!!! anyone else feel me on that one

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Due April 17th

Hello fellow April mommy's! I'm due April 17th and this is my third child. I have 2 boys and I am soooo excited this one is a GIRL!!! I can't wait. She is going to be so...

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Just joined...

Hi! I just joined this group and I'm hoping to make some friends with kids in the same birth month as my Hailey. I'm Tina, 37 (too close to 38) from NJ and I also have 2 older...

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New Member

Hello everyone! I am a first time Mom to Luc. I am excited to have found this group, all babies born in June 2008! I wish I would have found it sooner, when times were a bit...

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