PRegnant with my third baby

Ok ladies I just have a question I had my first at 35 my second at 36 what are the chances my third will be early as well too Thanks ladies

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cramps..alll the time

I am 9 weeks pregnant with twins, I discovered lol. I've had a lot of dull cramps and a lot of it is located more by my pelvic bone. I am assuming this is just normal uterus...

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Last year i have an etopic pregnancy an todayam 4 weeks 5 days pregnant.But am so worried from yesterday i have been spotting lightly but this morning looks a bit heavier.I...


Feeling my baby

I am about 22 weeks pregnant and get kind of worried because I can't determine if I've felt my baby yet. Everything seems fine as far as no bleeding or weird symptoms and my...

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Girl or boy this time???!!!

So i am 17 weeks along with my second pregnancy and my first was a boy. I had to shave my legs (almost) twice a day. And I defiantly wasn't as emotional or moody. So hopefully...



I need some advice ladies on august 2 i had my 2nd child ever since i havent started my period by the end of december it will be 4 months i havent started my period i took 5...


please anyone with real advice

I am oonthe methadone clinic. I am 26 weeks pregnant.I have had 2 other children born on methadone but this pregnancy I didn't find our till I was about 18-20 weeks and I did...

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expecting after a miscarriage

I just found out on Wednesday that im expecting im really scared because I just recently had a horrific miscarriage in October. Has anyone else gone through this and if so what...



Hi, I think I may be pregnant but I am not sure. I have been cramping, headache, weak stomach, blurry vision in one eye, and at one moment a very strong sense of smell. I...


anxiety support

I struggled with anxiety and depression before i was pregnant but now the father left and im more scared and stressed than ever. Im 20 wks 5 days, my Dr prescribed me 25mg...

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I am 9 days late for my period, they are usually like clockwork, feel all the symptoms of a period coming on, low back pain, feeling bloated and crampy pains and i have done 2...


Missed period concerns

I recently missed my period, which has never happened with my cycle before. I am currently on birth control and was sick the whole week I was suppose to get my period. I had no...

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could i be pregnant?

I was supposed to start my period Dec. 29. On Jan. 1st i had a small blood clot and light bleeding. That only lasted 2 days. There was no blood on Jan. 3. My periods normally...