due june 4 '09

just wanted to connect with other moms due when I am

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My premature baby boy

I think the best way to introduce myself is to tell the story of the birth of my 2nd boy, Thomas. I had a difficult pregnancy and at 31 weeks I had to go to the hospital with...

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a little about me

Hi, my name is Lori & I am new to this group. My daughter Addison was born on January 26th. She was 2 weeks early. I was originally due on Feb. 9th. She gave me alot of trouble...


Hello all.

Hello all. I am a SAHM. I am due June 17th with my 5th child, yes, 5th child. My youngest is 10 months and my oldest is 9. I'm not nervous about having a 5th baby but as the...

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Hello everyone!

I'm due June 14th with my second child. My son will be 25 months when his little sister is born, unless she comes early. I'm due on my mother and her twin's birthday so...

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Newbie - Due 6-Sept-09

Hi there, My name is Francine, I am due, as said above, on the 6th. I don't know if I am having a girl or a boy. I have been very, very lucky through my pregnancy, and have...


Cant Sleep!

i am PUMPED UP, giggly, and goofy at night, i cant sleep to save my life! not to forget to mention that i havent quite figured out how my giggling will sometimes turn into...

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I realize this is a controversial subject and I am just looking for some thoughts. I have my maternity photos coming up and want to know if I can tan a few times, while...

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I feel much better now.

My fiance got me a pregnancy massage for christmas which he gave me early just in case. well i went on mondday for it. let me just say as i still kinda have the general...


"Contraction - this early?"

I am 29 weeks pregnant and have been working out throughout my pregnancy but still gaining weight. I was working out (elliptical machine) and started having severe pain in my...


Hi Everyone

I just wanted to stop by and say hi!! Im new to this application and I hope to meet and make new friends. Im currently 20 weeks..Will be 21 weeks tomorrow. We are having a boy...


Good OB/GYN near Little Elm, TX?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows of a GOOD OB/GYN near Little Elm, Texas? I've had a C-Section and will with my next pregnancy and want a GOOD doctor! I feel more comfortable...


Glucose screening test

Just got results for my glucose screening test and my levels are a bit high. Am going back next week for a glucose tolerance test to check further. I'm not overly worried as I...


Bumgenius Coupon!

Not sure if everyone knows this yet or not, but there is a great bum genius coupon in Pregnancy, mothering and pregnancy & newborn magazines. Mothering's coupon is found on the...


desperate search

looking for mums who waters broke weeks or months before giving birth to their child. my waters broke at 20wks 5days and i gave birth at 26wks 5days. he is healthy and doing...

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Does it make you feel better?

Does it make you feel better after you have a preemie and then you find out your friend had one too...and then they come to talk to you about what you were going through what...

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Vitamins and such

I have a 5 month old daughter and I have about 30 lbs of my baby weight that I have not lost yet. Since it's now summer I'm really motivated to shed the lbs. I really...