Possibly Pregnant Again...!

Hi, my name is Rachel, and I am new to this site. I had my second son on September 4th,2009. I am breastfeeding aswell as bottle feeding, and have just introduced cereal....



My son will be one year old on the 5th of March, and believe it or not. I have not lost any of the baby weight. In fact I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, which made me gain a...



I had always heard that if you have an easy natural birth, that you will have a better postpartum than someone who had a medicated birth. My first two postpartums were awful!...


anyone having trouble losing the baby fat?

my little girl is 10 months old now and i still cant seem to get rid of the "baby fat". Anyone have any ideas how to work on toning and losin weight along with having a job and...

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"natural duration" breastfeeding

i have heard time and time again that babies/toddlers do not self-wean under the age of 2 or 2.5 years old (not sure which). If they do wean before that age, it is supposed...


I know TMI, but concerned...?

ll the way up until the last few days or so, I've had very hard, constipated poop. It's been difficult for me to go, and I would be lucky to go poop once a day. However, the...


What to expect when she is born??

Due August 2 and kinda nervous this is my first. Yes nervous about labor but also nervous what are they gonna do to my baby?? Everything is normal and i Know that there are...

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Keep me in your prayers...

Hey ladies just me again... I figured since there is a major change in my pregnancy that I should let you know... Yesterday I started having pain in my back that traveled...


What did your contractions feel like early on?

I am due in 3 days with my little girl and Friday my midwife swept my membranes and said it may or may not help the labor process. Saturday I think I lost at least part of my...

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Plan B...

I am so confused and upset right now. The condom broke and now my husband is suggesting for me to take Plan B (the morning after pill). He is worried I could end up pregnant. I...

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Gaining weight since my daughter weened...

Is anyone else having an unbelievably hard time keeping your weight from sky-rocketing since your child stopped breastfeeding??? Any tips? I'm already eating low-cal and...

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did i just miscarry?

I have a 6 month lil boy.and as crazy as it sound like a week ago,i started to feel like i was pregnant,when i got pregnant with caleb i knew right away as crazy as it...

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I had my daughter 10 years ago and Oct 2nd I had my son. I made the decision with my husband to get a tubal done since we have our daughter and now our son. Well I had it done...

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Brestfeeding Fears

Ok so this sounds crazy even to me this is my third child I attempted to nurse my 1st and she (because of a later discovered health issue) wasn't easy I contracted an infection...


husband not interested in sex

ok so to make this short. My husband and I have always had an active sex life. after each child it seemed impossible for us to go 2 weeks without it (resulting in 3 back to...


Tandam feeding?

Hi I have a 16mnth who is still breastfed wich I'm fine with and unless I choose to try and stop bf him he will quite happily continue ( he has no intention to stop lol ) but iv...

Started by Kit on 12/22/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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