Scared of no heartbeat:(

Im 17 weeks pregnant and from the time i leave my dr apps im scared at the next one they wont find a heartbeat. This is my first child. Is there anyway i would know if the...


The sit & wait game...

OK so I'm 6 days late. I was soppout to start my period on the 10/15 but still nothing. I took 2 home test when I was 3 days late. They both came out neg. I don't have any big...


depo shot wonders???

I got the depo shot once In May 2012 never went back for the 2nd one and still havent started my period...took pregnancy test to see 2 came back positive and the family doctor...


What would be the right thing?

If a man and woman have a one night stand and the woman ends up pregnant and he makes it clear from day one that he wants nothing to do with the baby but she goes through with...

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Leg pains

I am 25 weeks pregnant and having horrible leg pains. I wake up with the most pain behind my knees. Behind my knees is swollen and some mornings bruised. Any idea why or way to...

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Would you say boy or girl?

I'm 16 weeks and I haven't had a bit of nausea at all this whole pregnancy. I went to the doctors today and the heart rate was in the 130's..... I'm hoping for a boy- Chinese...


Has anyone had the mirena???

Has anyone had the mirena??? I got it and i have had it for 5 months and i have had a massive amount of pain in my stomach what should i do?

Started by Desiree on 12/08/2012 in Moms Under 30

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ive been having all the signs of pregnancy recently i started what might be my period medium to light bleeding thats very light in color and alot of clumps could it be implation...



TTC but im scared because i recently lost a baby due to an ectopic pregnancy... should i even try , what are evn my chances of having the baby of my dreams ? why me !!


Freaking Out!!

ok so i had taken 2 pregnancy tests a week ago one at night and one in the morning both had a faint line but could deffinatly tell they were there. then on friday i took another...


Thought I'd share this review with all of you....

How one woman explored The Pink Kit. She's definitely part of The Movement to grow a skilled birthing population. A Skills-based approach to all pregnancies and every birth is...

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