Positive line barely showing up on test

I took a couple of pregnancy test yesterday. The positive line started to show up, but then didnt fill out all the way! Could this mean I'm pregnant, and it's just too soon to...


Should I be feeling this way?

I am in my 9th month of pregnancy and my husband and I just found out last week that due to complications of the pregnancy I will need a c-section, need to stop working, and be...

Started by Kristina on 07/02/2012 in Working Moms

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Could I be pregnant?

My first day of ovulation was 5 days ago. Yesterday I had some very light spotting just a few spots...I know it could be a sign of early pregnancy. I have a son who will be 2...


Severe pain followed by discharge.. HELP

I'm waiting for my pregnancy medicaide to go through so i can't see my doctor, i am 12 weeks pregnant and i have severe lower abdominal pain, then when i go pee afterwards when...

Started by Brittany on 09/01/2012 in Expecting

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Im wondering if im pregnet or not

For the last past week ive been having nausea headaches a bit of heartburn and for 2-3 days ive been having cramping and i now have what i think to be a yeast infection my...

Started by User on 09/06/2012 in Trying To Conceive

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Info on period after birth

I had my son 7 months ago, i got my period for the first 2 months after he was born and i havent had until 2 days ago. it is very very heavy, is this normal?