I am a mother of 3 with one on the way. Can stress cause me to go into labor early? My 4 year old daughter and 2 year old step son are constantly at wach others throats and its...

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Lovenox/Enoxaparin injections

Would love to hear from some others who have to do this daily shot. I had two miscarriages before being diagnosed, had my son, and am now on them again-17 weeks pregnant. I do...


How long should I wait to try again????

04/04/2011 Yesterday morning about 3am, I miscarried my 2nd pregnancy. I was 11wks 2days. We really want at least 1 more child. How long should we wait?? It took almost 6yrs to...


Stress relievers?

I was curious if anyone has any good suggestions to help relieve stress. I was told if i didn't relieve some of the stress I'm caring i will miscarry. The doctors have given me...


Whats with family doctors?

I'm so pissed, I really need to see the doctor to start my prenatal care for this pregnancy. I tried for weeks to get through to make an appointment and when I finally get...


Could I be pregnant?

I have a 6 month old who is breastfed. I am about 3 days late. I have a period like clockwork since delivering. I have taken a test, but it came up negative. Could I still br...


My HELLP Experience

I was pregnant with twin boys and admitted to the hospital for cervical funneling. They were going to send me home, but my platelet count was dropping. On July 6, 2008 I began...


Thirsty, Thirsty

I am almost 38 weeks and seem to be dying of thirst all the time. Just can't get enough water, and it seems this feeling just started a week ago. Is anyone else feeling this...

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ivf help!!! alternative??

hi mum can anyone remember this? i read about a couple in one of either take a break,chat etc that found a cheap alternative to ivf! i have been very lucky and fell pregnant...

Started by Joanna on 09/11/2011 in Trying To Conceive

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Breastfeeding while pregnant : advice?

Hi everyone, My daughter is now 7 1/2 months old. So far, we've enjoyed a great nursing relationship. We just found out last week that we're pregnant with our second (yay!)....