please anyone with real advice

I am oonthe methadone clinic. I am 26 weeks pregnant.I have had 2 other children born on methadone but this pregnancy I didn't find our till I was about 18-20 weeks and I did...

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expecting after a miscarriage

I just found out on Wednesday that im expecting im really scared because I just recently had a horrific miscarriage in October. Has anyone else gone through this and if so what...



Hi, I think I may be pregnant but I am not sure. I have been cramping, headache, weak stomach, blurry vision in one eye, and at one moment a very strong sense of smell. I...


anxiety support

I struggled with anxiety and depression before i was pregnant but now the father left and im more scared and stressed than ever. Im 20 wks 5 days, my Dr prescribed me 25mg...

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I am 9 days late for my period, they are usually like clockwork, feel all the symptoms of a period coming on, low back pain, feeling bloated and crampy pains and i have done 2...


Missed period concerns

I recently missed my period, which has never happened with my cycle before. I am currently on birth control and was sick the whole week I was suppose to get my period. I had no...

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could i be pregnant?

I was supposed to start my period Dec. 29. On Jan. 1st i had a small blood clot and light bleeding. That only lasted 2 days. There was no blood on Jan. 3. My periods normally...



Hi I had a mmc in 2013 I found out im pregnant two weeks ago I guess I'm not as far along as I thought..... I'm only 4w5d based on ultrasound I thought I was 7w5d I got my...



Not too long ago i took a pregnancy text maybe last month and it said negative. Well this month i had no period and i Woke up one morning and felt like i did during my last...

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Hi so last month on the 26 of June but I kept having sex with my husband even 2 days befor I started so my piered last about 3days so on the 26 it turn into a pink color to a...

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Hoping for girl

Ok ladies, I have 2 boys ages 8 and 5 and I'm pregnant again totally different this time.. Sore breast in the beginning witch didn't happen with the boys.. Tummy sick but not...



Hi! I am 15 almost 16 and I need some advice! I have had very regular periods for the past 3 years of my life, and this past month I got a very very light period. I am athletic...

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does anyone here know if its normal to get a negative hpt result now after getting few positives 2wks ago? no pain no bleeding.

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