Cycles after MIRENA Removal?

Hello! I had my MIRENA removed after 3 years. I had it removed on Friday October 28th. I started what I belive to be my first period since removal on that following Sunday,...


Is anyone having a large baby?

I am just now 29 weeks and had an ultrasound that revealed that my lil' guy is 3.4 lbs. Is this too large for a 29 week pregnancy? Has anyone else been told that they are having...

Started by Cassie on 01/07/2012 in March 2012 Babies

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Child free night - what to do?

Hiya, my son is gonna be 3 in May and is having his first night away from home in a couple of weeks. I'm not worried about him, he will be with family and his young cousins...


Any twin moms in their 37th week?

I'm at 37+ weeks and waiting with twin a vertex and b breech. Big, but waiting to grow them inside. How're you doing? Any tips on how to stay positive during the wait?

Started by Ayman on 03/19/2012 in Twins

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I have this friend who intentionally had two kids by two guys, now she's planning on a third from a THIRD guy. She doesn't work, doesn't apply for jobs, and is on state...


Is this normal?

I understand that being pregnant will cause moodiness and crankiness and all that fun stuff. BUT DAMN!! Does it have to make me into a complete and utterly mean "C" word????...

Started by Christine on 05/03/2012 in Expecting

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could it be that I'm just getting sick?

So the last few Weeks I've been tired but have been able to ignore it. But when I wake up in the morning I can bearly wake up takes me bout an hour to fully wake up. The past...

Started by Mandy on 05/24/2012 in Stay At Home Moms

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Abstinence before Implanon removal?

I have had Implanon for a little over a year, but because of the side effects (bleeding for 6 weeks)I want it taken out. I spoke with my husband and he is willing to do Natural...


Weird tummy issues...

Where shall I start? Hm... I suppose by saying how far along I am well i'm 6 weeks along and I've been having super weird stomach issues. I can't eat anything not cause, I can't...


whos all nesting?

i dont no about u guys but ive been nesting like crazy lol. im super tired and uncomfortable feel like shit and am lazy during the day then when the evening comes i suddenly get...


Advanced Parenting

I'm a stay at home mom with a 5 month old girl and I baby sit a 4 year old boy as well during the day. College Mon,Tues, and Thurs 6pm to 10pm but other than that I have some...


How to lose baby fat?

Okay so my son is almost 11 months and i have been trying to lose my baby fat the giggly hanging part and i cant seem to lose it i have been going on walks almost everyday,...