How Is Everyone?

Welcome all new member's! How is everyone doing in the TTC jounery? post how thing's are going for you!!

Started by Ruth on 06/18/2012 in TTC 2012-2013

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My brother's wife can't have babies

hi I'm not a english speaking so I hope I can make myself understand with my issue... like I said my brother's wife can't have babies, and the doctor gave them a list of mothers...


Thin Cervix at 13 weeks Pregnant

I came back from my midwife appointment earlier and while there she informed me that my cervix was thin and that she was going to send me to a specialist at the state capital to...


4 days late and a negative test...

Since I had my son who is going to be 3 this Saturday I have had a regular cycle ever 28 to 29 days right on. So last Thursday when I went to the bathroom and wiped there was a...


My dealings with the Mirena IUD

I'm waiting on my appointment to not only have my IUD removed, I believe that I am pregnant. It has been more than 5 years since I got it and the last time I was at a doctor. I...


Need advice re late periods and faint positive line?

I'm sorry this is a bit long winded, but I had a period on 10th August, it was on time (I usually have a 28 day cycle) and just a normal period. Then in September I was 5 days...

Started by Gemma on 10/12/2012 in Toddlers

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New mommy needs help!

I’m a new mother and a full time student working on a business concept and I need input from the potential customers (all of you readers) in order to determine if this idea...


could i be pregnant ??

Hello everyone, I'm new here and hoping for some answers to my question or any experiences from you guys. Well on September 15 I began to spot on and off I thought it may be...

Started by Jasmine on 11/16/2012 in Stay At Home Moms

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what to do being bored and pregnant?

I am 18 and I am 12 weeks pregnant. It is so early and i am already finding myself bored all the time since most of my friends go out all the time and the father isn't around to...