Personal question.

Sorry if this is TMI.. but, i'm alittle worried about what this could be. I gave birth 4 months ago, and since like a 1 1/2 months after my son was born I started getting...



any one know the odds of having a second set of non identical twins? i have a 3 year old and twin girls gaed 9 mnths and would like 1 more in few years but so scared of having...


iam 36 wks measuring 42weeks

bubs is huge at 34 week had head curcumfrance of 36 weeks,the body of bubs is at 97 instead of the 50%.n iam now measurinf 42cm instead of 36 weeks iam fuckign worried now ay...

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I'm kind of cheating :-)

Hello everyone! I joined this board because my due date was moved to May 1st! I was originally April 28th so I'm already a member on that board as well. My name is Sara and I...

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Hi all I am 23 weeks pregnant and nursing a 1year old I suffer from depression and have suffered for years I have tried counseling but it isn't helping I asked my counselor...


maternity jeans

Does anyone own a pair of the egg, pumpkin patch or jeans west maternity jeans or have used them before? With my last pregnancy I couldnt wear anything firm against my tummy at...


4 1/2 weeks to go

Nearly over!!!!!! Due the 4th december but i have ultrasound for growth as my bubba gonna be another little one, so hopefully i gonna get induced friday, Or anytime in the next...



i know its common to have discharge with pregnancy. with my daughter i had it the last few weeks. this time i have had alot since about 24 weeks. its quite annoying... i wipe...


Paragard Copper IUD- need help

So I got a Paragrad Copper IUD in on Oct.15. I was suppose to get my period Nov 10th but it is now Nov.15 th and Iam only having a little bledding, not even enough to wear a...


sleep hurts

Hey any one...i am 34 week preg and i am presently comfortable sleeping only on my right! when i do try to change to the left, my hip hurts perhaps coz baby lies on that side...


bed rest and guilt

Here is my question. I am on "light" bedrest. I can still drive short distances but most of my time needs to be on the couch which is very hard with a 2 1/2 yearold who is potty...

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Getting checked every week

Im 35 weeks pregnant and just recently my doctor started checking me. Just yesterday I went because for the past couple of days I had been feeling pressure and pain so they told...

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blood thinners

Okay so I don't know if anyone has been through this but it's worth a shot I am on blood thinners and found out I am with child I did have a iud but it did not work.. I have...


Perineal Massage.

I did this from around 36 weeks on with my first child and was able to birth an 8.5lb baby without any tears. I have read some stuff on the matter and have found some things...


am i insane

my sons father is back was living in another country and things got bad after falling pregnant now he wants us back. do i give him another chance or what? if i agree how do i...

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