Could I be pregnant already?

So my husband and I are ttc, and I stopped my birth control pills (Lutera) on 8/6/11, Got a small 2 day period on 8/8/11. The last week I have been getting cramps on both sides...

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How early can you birth twins?

I am pregnant with twin girls due March 2nd. I am having a c-section this time around due to having repair from my first child. My Dr. told me I get to choose the date. But I am...

Started by Rachel on 11/04/2011 in Twins

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Just wondering

Hey i was wondering just out of curiosity if you can tell your pregnant befor your missed period and if so what are there signs of?Anything unusual?again i am just...

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is this normal?

hello, i'm 25 weeks pregnant and its mym first time expecting, i wanted to know if it is normal that everytime i walk or i squeze my legs together or move my pubic area the...



Im in my 18th week and experiencing depression. Always crying, bad mood and having sad thoughts. My husband is away travelling since begining of pregnancy and im living with...


Follow my blog =)

Hello everyone just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Heather, I'm a stay at home mommy and my blog is http://vegascorner2012.blogspot.com/ it's about our life, love,...

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Hi, I'm new.

I'm not pregnant - well I could be. We have been actively trying for a baby for 6 years with no luck. My husband has fertility issues, but I am now 77 days since my last period,...

Started by Jess on 06/14/2012 in Stay At Home Moms

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