Perineal Massage.

I did this from around 36 weeks on with my first child and was able to birth an 8.5lb baby without any tears. I have read some stuff on the matter and have found some things...


am i insane

my sons father is back was living in another country and things got bad after falling pregnant now he wants us back. do i give him another chance or what? if i agree how do i...

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My last period started on the 1st of December, and I haven't started my period for this month... I've already taken two tests one on the 6th, and one yesterday morning. Both...



Im 28 and have 3 children but me and my partner have been trying for one more.We have been for 6 mths now and no show,but i breastfeed my 2 yr old still at night time could that...


Best age?

Okay my son is 16 months, and my husband and I are ready for #2 so we have been ttc since my son was 14 months, no luck yet. Hopefully we concieve soon, the wait is killing me....


new here

Just wanted to say hello to everyone as I am brand new to the site! I am 28, live in Mandan ND with my wonderful husband and we are expecting a little boy named Lucian who is...

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Date booked!!

YAY...we now have a date booked, so we now know that no matter what, Baby M2 will be here before Easter :-) Due to a c-section last pregnancy (oct 09) we have opted for an...

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Heres my story and I'm sticking to it..

I am a first time mom with a 5 1/2 month old. Before I got pregnant I weighed 180lbs. Before I got married I weighed 160. I got married in June of 2010 and got pregnant...


fetal measurements?

at your 18-20 week U/S how far along were you and how far did baby measure at. #1 at 19 weeks 1 day she measured at 18 weeks 1 day. #2 at 19 weeks 1 day he measured at 18 weeks.


What did you forget/not expect?

What did you guys forget about childbirth? Or if it's your first what did you not expect? I totally forgot about the stomach cramps when you breastfeed the first couple of...


introducing big brother to new baby

Do you girls have any good tips on incorporating the new baby into our family. My 18 month is very clingy to me and he is slow to change. I am worried it'll be a hard transition...

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Vivid dreams of the birth and baby

So two nights ago I had a very clear dream about giving birth, and the weird thing is I dreamed it was a boy! And the dream went on for a while as I cared for the baby and it...

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cervix high, soft and open

Me and my fiance are ttc. I am new to feeling my cervix. It is high, soft and open. it takes my whole finger to feel my cervix. What does this mean. My IUD was taken out feb...

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Cafemom Suppose a strange couple came upon you on the street and thrust their child in your arms. They ask you to care for the child for months upon months, feeding,...

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Ovulation kit

I was wondering for those who have used one, which brand they liked best and why. I am already using basel temps to figure it all out, so I'm hoping that the kit will help even...

Started by Brittany on 04/20/2011 in Trying To Conceive

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