I dont know if im pregnant

I am 30 years old I had putting clips on my tubes five years ago . I had my period October 20 and I skipped November and I started spotting December 1 threw the 3rd only enough...



How long does is take for your water to break after the plug comes out ?

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help idk if i could be preggo..?

i had unprotected sex on a fertile day 2 days before my ovulation day. Am 12 days late on my period and pregnancy test are coming out negative. What should I do?


Is it normal ?

Ok so I just had my daughter. She is 4 months old now. I been having movement in my stomach for like I wanna say 5 weeks.. My stomachs feels hard. My boobs itch and my milk Is...

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34 wks pregnant

Hi ladies, this is my second pregnancy and i am experiencing so much that i never did with my first. . . I found out 2 wks ago that im in early labor. I was wondering how long...

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Pen pals

My daughter is 3 1/2 , looking for a snail mail pen pal to exchange letters and cards with. I think this will help improve her reading and writing skills. Please email me at...


c section

hi, I had a c section 3 years ago and my lower back pains had stared from there on. i cant stand for long and even when i bend to dress my son or any other work i have a...


Could I be pregnant?

I have spotted once and I had a big blob of discharge and now a week later my nipples are red? I had sex before and after my period and I love pickles and now I hate the smell...


26 weeks. Sexual Intercourse. Now spoting??

I am 25 weeks pregnant. I just went to the bathroom and noticed a little spot of blood after I wiped. I also just had sexual intercourse. Is this normal? Is my baby ok?

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pregnant and bleed for a day

5 to 6 weeks in pregnancy, cramps and bleeding but only for one day, next day woke up, and nothing no more bleeding ir cramps jyst breast are tender. What does this mean.



i had a early scan at early pregnancy clinic i qas 5 weeks and 6 days gone did nit hear a heart beat but was told everything was brillant n got a scan photo is that normal and...


Can i be pregnant?

Ive been having tender breasts and i just came off the depo shot, and i had sex on 2/15/14 can i be pregnant and how long does it take to find out u r pregnant?