Well I started this community months ago and I am so sorry for not welcoming our members until now. So a warm welcome to you all. I will start by introducing myself - I'm 36...

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Courtney and Gabriella

My name is Courtney and my daughter Gabriella was born July 4th,2007. she is my first and so far only child. We have been trying for another for over a year now! I love her...

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Low Iron?

any one else have a baby with low iron and have to take iron supplements? at my sons 9 month appt the doc said his iron is low. I dont understand why since im breastfeeding and...


Diabetic mum

Hi I found out in November that I have type 2 diabetes after having my first child but now me and my husband are planning to have a second child and I was wondering what I need...

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I'm constantly hungry

I'm nursing a 4 month old and pumping while at work. I haven't lost much weight at all and it's mainly because I'm so hungry all the time. I drink lots of water and try to...

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question. please help

Im due 2days before my stepson turns 2 and his mother hates me, how can I get him involved In my pregnancy and not have him or his dad felt.. replaced? or like im trying to...


need advice

i have a three year old daughter and a baby due in november. my husband is deployed and wants me to make sure i spend time with his family. i am all for going to see his family...


No weight gain...

Hey all...I'm getting concerned because I've actually lost 5 lbs since getting pregnant almost three months ago. With my first pregnancy I gained 18 lbs by the 5 month mark, and...


Scheduled C-Section

We just found out this week that our daughter is still breech (she has been in the same position on every sonogram), so the doctor scheduled us for a c-section on the 17th....


old lady with baby....

I am 50 and I have a 23, 19, and 6 year old....all from the same man!!!! Been married for 24 years....and am loving it!!!! It was difficult when I first had my daughter, since I...

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Period 13 days late

I am kind of new to this group. I have a 2 year old daughter. I recently got my IUD taken out. Me and my fiance have been having unprotected sex. My period is 13 days late and I...


Mum over 40 - 43 actually and very proud

I have a 23, 20, 11, 10, and nearly 5mth old. I've been told by numerous doctors while pregnant that at my age it was way to risky to proceed with the pregnancy. Now I look at...

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Upper abdominal pain

I believe I am pregnant and I am going to my doctor on Monday for a test to be sure. I have been having dull upper abdominal pain for a few days now. I have done some research...



Hi everyone i'm not really sure what is going on with me at the moment this is my fourth baby and i'm not feeling 100% about myself or my pregnancy. I am feeling tired suffering...

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New member!

Hi everyone, Im Kirstie Im from Lincolnshire uk, I have an 11 month old called Mia, she was born on 21st December and im pregnant, due on 28th Feb next year, so im going to have...


Weight loss after c-section

I am 22 yrs old and had a baby almost a yr ago. My son was 8lbs 90z and other young women who've had c-sections and smaller babies have dropped the weight quicker without...

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After baby weight

I just recently had another baby 2 months ago and my kids are 14 months apart. I am having a really hard time losing the weight that I gained with both of my pregnancies...