what are they !?

im 35weeks today with my second child. starting from around lunchtime yesterday i have been getting a very tight stomach, like braxton hicks only im not sure it is becaue they...

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should I stop taking my birthcontrol??

I have been having major pregnancy symptoms like feelings sick, tired, headaches, keen sense of smell and now my boobs hurt. I shouldn't be pregnant because I have been taking...


Fun things for my 3 year old?

hey i am trying to find fun activites to do wit my 3 year old son... i have always been able to keep up with while laying football or chase and other outdoor activites until...


Just to say hi x

Hi My name is Zoe, I am 35 and pregnant with my second child, I am due to have our baby on 10/10/10 which I think is a pretty special date :D Although my husband would like our...


Might be a dumb question but...

I have finally stopped breast feeding and I am wondering if I am suppossed to do anything to decrease the milk supply in my breasts, or will it judt dry up on it's own? Also we...



Did any other mother get hemroids after pregnancy? If so how did they get rid of them?

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hi there

Hello everyone, my name is Stefani I'm 24, and I have a 13 month old son. I am currently a SAHM and an Army wife. my husband is currently deployed, and left me a wonderful...


Missed pills

Hi, I am taking micronor while I am nursing my 4 month olds son and last month I missed 2 pills in a 2 week period. I caught up when I remembered but since starting a new...


Sinus Infections

I have had horrible sinus infections on and off through out my pregnancy but recently I have had my worst! I have had this one for bout a month now and just when it starts to...


having another baby

I am a diabetic and have been for over 4 years now and when I was pregnant with my son my doctor said that if I was older the pregnancy would be harder and that I should think...


breastfeeding and pregnant?

anyone have any ideas for me? i am pregnant and breastfeeding my one yr old but my nusre told me to stop because i am 108lbs and he is taking mine n the baby's nutrients and it...

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You're gon na have it early

y mom came for a visit this week and just left. She says she will be expecting an "I'm in labor come back" call while on the road. I am 32 weeks today. Why does this annoy me?...


Fitness and babies

I was wondering if any one had some good stories about how fitness affected your pregnancy, labor or motherhood in a positive way. Did being in shape help you recover better,...


Baby bumps?

So how many of you amazing young mums are pregnant now? I want to know about how the pregnancy is going, genders, names or possible names, due dates, and the best days you've...


pg with 2nd :)

mye daughter was born at 26 weeks and weighed 1lb 15 oz, she turned 2 on the 14th of july and now weighs in at 23lbs :) she is doing wonderful and caught up to everyone else her...

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Insulin Shots :(

I am 30 weeks pregnant with my son and throughout most of my pregnancy I have had to take insulin shots due to my outrageous sugar levels but for the past couple weeks when i do...