could i be pregnant??

I have been getting sick on my stomach...ans feeling kicks and lots of movements....could this mean i might be pregnant??

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Could I be pregnant?

I am on birth control but missed a day or two this past time. Here are my symptoms...the last period I had was completely brown, I've gotten horrible heartburn (which I NEVER...


Help ? Not sure If I'm pregnant.

My last period was November 24th. I didn't get my period which was suppose to be on December 24th, but on January 4th I had a light, but got heavy for only a day. Lasted four...

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Losing weight.

Hi.. My name is Kaelsang. After having my first baby i have gained a lot of weight. I weighs 70 kg. I really want to lose weight. Can you tell me how can i lose 20 g in 2 weeks?...


dont know whats goung on?! advice please

Someone help me please, so i had unprotected sex on Nov 9 five days later i spotted very light ,my Nov period cam late but still had it then on December my period was late again...

Started by Luna on 01/31/2014 in Moms Under 30

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Could I be pregnant?

I have regular menstrual cycle and NEVER missed a period. My hubby and I are planning to have our first baby. I was expecting my period 2 days ago, used home pregnancy kit this...

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Periods problem

I m having pcos .. I want to be pregnant .. I married 2 yrs ago .. But me and my husband decide to plan a child now .. I m having issue with my periods since 4 months after all...


my child

hello to all that is reading this, I am 17 years old and 8 weeks pregnant I'm very excited but I also wanted to know is it normal to worry bout what could harm your child even...

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I need some help and advise

So I'm currently 11 days late on my period, and have gotten 9 negative test on different brands, but today I notice I had some brown discharge and it was only for that one time,...


baby fat

Is it a wrap I can use to get rid of baby fat or what do you recommend



My name is Kiana I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks and I took so hard because I had 2 ultrasounds and heard my baby's heart beat and then got my 3rd one and my baby had no heartbeat



I had unprotected sex on march 20th. Ovulated on the 22nd. Been feeling bloated, nauseated, pain in belly button and lower abdominal area and went up a bra size. Been testing...



So I am 21 years old, 22 in june and i just found out i am 4 weeks pregnant. I am overweight and that has been a huge issue for me for the past couple of years. I was just...

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Just want to know

Hi well i have currently took two pregnancy test. One was with the lines, and i decide to take the clear blue week estimator. well both said pregnant :) The week estimator...

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how long til ur period comes back?

How long is it after that 6-8 week bleed is that ur peroid should return? I breastfeed as much as I can (a bit longer stretches at night) but it was a rough start with needing...

Started by Michelle on 05/15/2014 in Babies And Infants

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Please read and answer please

Hello I am currently really worried today I noticed that my right breast has a white clear looking liquid coming out what does this mean could I be pregnant even if I'm on...