Has anyone started to "nest"?

And what types of things did you do? I have been on a 3 day long cleaning and organizing spree.. organizing things that I would have never thought needed to be organized. Also...


Baby can wait?

BabyCanWait.com has been created for you. We know you want straightforward answers to questions about your body, sex, and relationships but don't always know where to go to...

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Can my ex see my son whenever he wants?

Long story short I'm taking my ex to get custody of my son. He has not been apart of the pregnancy, birth, or the 4 going on 5 months of my child's life. He in turn asked for a...

Started by Megan on 08/28/2012 in Single Moms

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Already on restrictions....

At only 22 weeks I am not aloud to pick up ove 20 lbs. So both of my children have to be more independent :0( Such a sad thought. My Mommas boy is always in my arms. Now the...

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Where is my period?

Hi, my dd is 7 months old and I still have not got my period. Is this normal? Tests done: 1. Blood work- on medication for thyriod but normal 2. ultrasound - showed cists...

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What are the signs of Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome?

I have been told by my doctor that my twin girls share a placenta and are in different sacs. I so afraid because my doc also told me about the risks of TTTS. This is very scary...

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Soooo confused

Ok. I'm supposed to be 16 weeks pregnant today according to my midwife based on LMP of 7/30/12. She used the doppler today and couldn't get a heartbeat and said based on where...


custody help

hi my name is stephanie i have a 4month old baby and his dad wants to get conjoin custody im willin to let him visit my son but i dont want my son to spend the night with him i...


Lets get personal

Anyone having "adult relations"? If you can't insert anything into the "who ha" can you have "the O face"? Thinking I need it to cure my baby blues.... Anyone?


please help

I recently had my tubes tied on December 10 2012. I had my normal period in December come this month.I am two days late. My husband is convinced I'm pregnant but I don't think I...