i have a like red rash on my belly up to my shoulders had it for a few days now but it isn't itch or irritating just wondering what it is as this is my first pregnancy and i'am...


Trying to get pregnant while breastfeeding

I am breastfeeding my 9 month old 3 times a day and want to get pregnant again fairly soon. My periods have not yet returned. What are my chances of falling pregnant while still...

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13 weeks pregnant and showing!!!!

im pregnant with my 3rd child and im 13 weeks pregnant I look like im bout 5 months pregnant have felt the baby move before around 6 or 8 weeks around there somewhere... is...


I dont know

I just had a baby 7 months ago. I think I might be pregnant again...I didn't have morning sickness or anything my first pregnancy. will I have symptoms this time if I am...


help me

hi doctors told me by feeling my stomach im 24 weeks pregnant can hear heartbeat but baby cant b seen on the scan, now pregnancy tests r coming back negative ive to go to my GP...


I dont know if im pregnant

I am 30 years old I had putting clips on my tubes five years ago . I had my period October 20 and I skipped November and I started spotting December 1 threw the 3rd only enough...



How long does is take for your water to break after the plug comes out ?

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help idk if i could be preggo..?

i had unprotected sex on a fertile day 2 days before my ovulation day. Am 12 days late on my period and pregnancy test are coming out negative. What should I do?