My experience

I'm currently pregnant with my first baby and recently found out that I'm RH- and have to get a Rhogam shot. For those who aren't aware of the Rhogam shot, it's taken as an...


I lost two babies

My 1st child was born at the age of 26 weeks (December 2003). After being warded in NICU for 11 days, he passed away. I was broken hearted. 4 months later, i got pregnant again....



I know this doesn't really have to do with having toddlers but here we go. lol!! I have had the mirena IUD in for a little over a year and at first I absolutely LOVED it. I had...

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Russel Silver Syndrome

I had my first littleboy, Jack, at 32 weeks and had to have an emergency c-section because he was in so much distress. He weighed only 1 lb 10 oz and was in the NICU for 5...


Bed Sharing

My son is 4 months old now and he is still having a problem sleeping through the night... so... (like im not suposed to ) i let him sleep with me in me and my husbands bed......

Started by Kadi on 01/24/2010 in Moms Under 30

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Sleep? What's that??

I am sure I'm not the only one that is having this issue, but I am needing to hear it from other moms to be. I have had issues getting a good night sleep for a while ... for...


Feel like I am loosing my mind!

I had my first baby on March 1 of this year,I figured some anxiety would be expected since it being my first pregnancy & all but I never thought it would be THIS bad! In my...

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How to stop breast feeding?

I have a 2 and half year old daughter who is still breast feeding. I am now tired of breast feeding her. The problem is that when she is sleepy she wants it badly and doesn't...

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my son is hungry all the time!!

My son is almost 9 weeks old and wants to eat ALL THE TIME!!!! He has been this way since he was born. He has only gained 3 lbs since birth, everyone comments on how tiny he...

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Feb 23

anyone else due or supposed to be due on the 23rd?


Was Anyone Else Like This?

We Had Planned On Having 3 Children In Total. We Are Now Pregnant With Baby Number Two, And Have Now Thought That Maybe We Should Of Just Stayed With One, We Are 8 Weeks 4 Days...


Sleep schedules

What are your 3 year olds sleep shchedules? How do you get them to go to sleep? My son was going to sleep by his self and sleeping all night in his own room until march. Now he...

Started by Kristen on 07/24/2012 in May 2009 Babies

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Night Terrors

Does anyone have any advice for dealing with and/or preventing night terrors? My 10-year-old daughter has had 4 of them in just over a month.