Becoming BIG Sister...

My daughter is 17 months old, and we're expecting our second child, a baby boy, in June. I don't know how to get her used to the idea of another baby in the house. She's pretty...


article in seventeen magazine

i read an article in seventeen magazine that tv shows are tricking people into getting pregnant...shows like 90210, gossip girl, teen mom, glee, the pregnancy pact, the secret...


How can I help my baby gain weight

Hi, my lil girl is 5 months old and she is not gaining weight....200 grams in 4 th month....she was 2.45kgs at birth and now she is 5.44 kgs....she will turn 5 months old on...


You and your partner - is it the same?

Nothing is the same since we had our baby... We were the perfect couple, got along really well, but now, other than really doing everything to make sure our baby has the best...

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I am so tired....Like so so so tired. Tired to the point that it makes a mockery of all the other times in my life when I thought I couldn't get more exhausted. My three...


I became a step mom the minute she was born

So basically Being a step mom is SUPER hard. I became a step mom at the age of 19. My husband and I dated for a while and he cheated on me and we broke up he ended up getting...

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Sitting up

My son is almost 12 months old and he is not sitting up on his own yet. I practice with him everyday, but I feel like I'm getting nowhere. Does anyone have any good tricks for...



this group needs to TALK more, maybe we are all busy surviving huh? maybe that is a good topic to start with - what are survival tips you have found helpful in the unique...



I have noticed 2 other communities that are titled "Pro-Family, Pro-Child, Pro-Choice". Can someone please help me understand their view, their ignorance.

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Does anyone use Homeopathics?

I would like to used more natural health products and I am looking at alternatives. I just wondered if anyone had used Newton products and were they successful? Or if you have...



I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm 21 and pregnant with my third child. My 1st does not live with me, and hasn't since she was a little over two months. It's a long...



I was pregnant met my new boyfriend he knew he wasn't the father, we moved in together . When Landon was born he signed the birth certificate months later he kicked me and my...



I just do not know what to do my oldest daughter of 5 is 14 she has always had tantrums one everyday about silly things she got mad she could not find her hair thing or her...


Anyone feel funny about breast feeding?

I'm getting more comfortable with the idea as I educate myself but it still seems very personal and almost like part of the body becomes a tool. Any thoughts???

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Should I feel guilty for NOT helping friend?

Ok...This might be a long one, so bare with me please. It started last year, a friend needed me to babysit her two boys after school for a few hours until she got off work. I...

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Baby daddy issues?

I have a 9month old and 9 months ago i decided to keep his father out of the picture. My son has my last name and he has never seen his father or heard of him. I don't now how...

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