What do I need to do?

My boyfriend left for basic training a few days ago for the army in fort benning, GA and after that he will be going to ait but I dont know how long that is. In order for me to...


Is it time to butt out or In

My son is doing his second tour. Before he left I went to NC to say bye, his gf was there and at the time we got along great. My son thought she may be expecting so I ask her to...


Stay at home moms vs working dads

So basically let's get down to the nitty gritty here... Who's job is really harder? Currently I'm a stay at home mom and care for my son (2 yrs old), my daughter (3 months old)...

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Don't know what to do

Hello. I just joined yesterday. I'm currently 24 and 21 weeks pregnant. Baby daddy is not my ex, never dated and never will. He's a okay guy but i wont be able to count on him...

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Im leaving my sons father.

Im leaving my sons father and I dont know how to tell eaither one of them. My son is 2 and Im not sure how it is going to affect him. His father has turned into an abusive jerk...

Started by Miranda on 09/07/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

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Little LeeAnn

Our LeeAnn is an Identical twin who was born at 33 weeks gestation. at my 26wk ultrasound the tech noticed that LeeAnn didn't have a bladder and could only see one kidney. After...


one year old all the sudden doesn't like meat

I just found out his iron is low. He is allergic to eggs, a recent discovery also. Most of his favorite foods out the window. Looking for other than peanut butter and cerals...

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Newsflash! Don't sell your babies! Duh

NEW CASTLE, Del. – A mother of three is accused of trying to sell her newborn son for $15,000 so she could go to Disney World, police said. AP Police say they confirmed last...

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13yrs old ALWAY want to be over a friend.

After my daughter turned 12 she is constantly wanting to her friends. I let her go after school most days until around 5:30 and on the weekend she usually spends the night on...

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