Small snowboots for a toddler??

My ds started walking at 11 months, and it's snowy here and he wants to play outside with sissy. BUT< I can't find size 4 snowboots that are warm. The robeeze aren't waterproof...


Just for Fun.....

Football or Basketball? sand or snow? beach or lake? Cats or Dogs? California or New York? Beer or Martini? Ice cream or Frozen Yogurt? Mansion in the country or cottage on the...


losing lbs after baby

i have a 2 yr old a 1 year old and a 8 wk old baby. i was 130 prepregnancy and i quickly went right back down to 130 after the 3rd one......i have gained 4lbs back. (im not sure...


Am I creating a MONSTER??????????????

My youngest son just turned 2 in january and i mean it has been a over night change.He started climbing out of bed but that was ok at first cause he would just get in his...



Don't you love this whole circle of mom's and facebook thing. It has really kept me sane by keeping in touch with other moms and catching up with old friends. I love it! It's...

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Winter projects

With the cold months heading our way I am trying to figure out what to do with my kids. I have all boys one that just turned 3, 9 months old and I watch one that is 10 months...

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Double Strollers

I'm trying to decide what type/model of double stroller to buy, my oldest is only gong to be a year when his new brother is born, so we need something thats going to last for...


hi everybody

i am a stay at home mother of 2 ( a 3 year old daughter and a 7 month old son). we made the decision that i would stay home when i got pregnant for my first. i loved it then....

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Feeling Blah..

I have been a Christian for a long time. My husband works full time to support us so I can be at home with my kids. He is also taking Seminary classes one night a week, he has...

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I'm tired of the winter already!

I usually don't complain about my husband being gone 4 days (now 5) out of the week. In fact, I'm thankful because that means that I'm able to stay home with our son. I am...