Car Seats!?!?!

Hello everyone! My son is just over four months old. He is weighing in at 18lbs and 4ozs. My infant car seat only goes up to 20lbs. I am about to make a six hour road trip by...

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Please see our newest guideline: 6. In line with LLLI we do not support or recommend the introduction of solids before 6 months of age.

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6 Month old with cold!!

Help my 6 month old has a cold I know your not supposed to give them anything until they are a certain age... He sleeps with a cool mist humidifier every night is there...

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Mirena IUD

Is anyone currently using the Mirena IUD? If so have you gained weight on it? I had mine put in in October and I have had crazy cravings ever since. I have gained back almost...

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showering alone

I have been thinking about it a lot lately, and I was wondering when everyone started letting their kid shower alone? My son is about to be 3, but he's starting to want to do...


How much does your 7 month old eat??

I feel like Tanner eats SO much food/formula and I'm not overfeeding him, he eats till he wants to stop, he's also not a chubby the doctor says he's right on track but i was...


Should i be upset?

DD'sFIRST birthday is coming up on June 12th. While we havent made any concrete plans yet, I thought there was an understanding that we would be spending the day together as a...

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HFA and Puberty

Hi Has anyone got any tips on what to expect and how to help our son transition from boy to man? Has been a really tough year for us and I now realise that puberty has started,...


not talking why??

my son just turned 2 and hes still not talking he can say cat and car but willonly say it when he sees them i try to read to him and try to get him to tell me what the pictures...


home schooling??

hey ladies! homeschooling is a topic that i have not seen on here. what is everyone opion on it? has anyone done it or doing it? if so why did you start? i have a 3yr old and a...

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New Step Mom

I am a new step mom, and my new step son is 25 years old. I have two sons of my own, so raising boys is nothing new to me. But, I can honestly say that i can't stand this kid....


dealing with Infidelity and no job

I quit my job while pregnant with my son at my husbands suggestion because my pregnancy was very difficult. My son is now 10 months old and I have a 4 year old daughter. I just...

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Briannas Story

Some of you have asked questions about my daughter in the past and so someone on here suggested to me that I put up a post with her story, to make it easier for you to...

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Confused about my marriage.

I know this is very long. But I really don't know what to do anymore. I am 21 married now for 9 months. I am a stay home mom. My relationship with my husband hasn't been a...