Miserable People + Babies = Disaster?

I have a 'friend' that I have known for 10 years, she's MISERABLE. One of those 'emo' types. Poor me. Pity me. Life sucks. Everything is against me. FUCK VALENTINE'S DAY IT'S A...

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are you sick of.........

We are all single parents and some of us have dead beat fathers/sperm donors to our children that don't want anything to do with them , and then there are those other women that...

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Stem Cell Research

For or against it? Why? I think it's beneficial. Canada and Britain are already doing it.(So is California for the Americans in here) I'm sure other countries are as well I...


Discipline: how to

My son is 8 months old and I'm forever having a difficult time in the discipline area. He doesn't seem to listen, knows that mom can't always hear or move fast enough to catch...


Changes in my 7 Year Old Son?

I want to start this post by sharing a dream I had two nights ago. A nightmare as such. My husband had to wake me as I was screaming and crying. I dreamed that I was standing...


Parenting Styles

I have a one year old daughter and a partner that works a 60-65hour week on average. What I want to know is what different parenting styles do people use? We are discussing...

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Republicans and Christianity

Why does it seem that the conservative republicans are trying to claim Christianity as their own lately? I am not a Christian myself but I do know MANY and a lot of them are...


TRUST in your relationship

i was just reading another thread in 20-30 young mums , it was basically about a wife having trust issues with her partner as he had female friends and wasnt sure if she should...

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HELP!!!!! don't no what to do.

I'll try to make this short. We just got custody of my 2 step children ages 5 and 6. We hadn't seen or talked 2 them for 2 years. Their mom lives in another state and had moved...


stay at home mommy

Hi everyone. I just realized that there is part of this Circle of Moms app that is just for LV area moms. My name is Amber. I'm 33 years old. I am a stay at home mom in the...


thumb suckers

Okay. So my six month old baby boy has been sucking his thumb for about two months now. I am not against it, but he has sucked a raw spot on his hand. It looks really bad, and...


Hello... Im new here!! :)

My name is Ashley... And Im due with our little girl on January 13th... We are naming her Fallon LeAnne. We also have a 3 year old daughter ( Emilee ) and a 2 year old Son (...


Question about Poopys!!! Please help!

Hey all, I have a really odd question. My 3 month old daughter is EBF and all of the sudden, like 2 weeks ago, she started having really stinky poopy diapers. I mean, they are...

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