calling all creative moms

Ok, let me start off with I am the least creative person I know. With that said I was wondering if any of y'all have some cute ideas for what my kids (or I can do for them) can...


Photos of Stillborn Babies?

The Duggars held a memorial service for their 20th (stillborn) child, a girl. At the service, they passed out photos of Jim Bob's hand with the baby's feet resting on his...

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My son was born May 2008 with one extra little thumb. He will be going for surgery closer to his 1st birthday. Does anyone else have a child with the same condition that can...



I'm not trying to start a breast-feeding in public debate! Just curious, given a recent nurse-in at Target stores across the US, what are your thoughts on nurse-ins? Are they...

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Jokes Please

If your ever down, I would like this to be a place for you to come. I was thinking that we should share jokes or funny stories. I love to laugh. It makes me feel good and I...


Old People Saying Shit They Should Not

Okay, I know there is a lot of discussion here about random people giving or sometimes yelling out advice. I've got a story and a question: My fiance and my daughter were...

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need help

would like 2 no were 2 get cheap bbut nice bit 4 scrapbooks i am jus starting out n cnt find nethng 2 match my theme any ideas??


Who uses Sign language with their children?

Hello everyone :D Im just wondering how people feel about teaching their children sign language. Who uses it and who doesn't, why you do and why you don't. How many and what...

Started by Alisha on 02/27/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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Craft Projects?

Does anyone have ideas for creative craft projects my kids can do? They're all under 10

Started by Sara on 04/12/2010 in Let's Play!

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wedding on a TIGHT budget?

i'm planning a wedding in aug of this year. my parents and his are both giving us $1000 to help pay for it but i want to leave as little as possible for us to be responsible...

Started by Codie on 01/19/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

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The book that opened your mind?

I can pin it down to one text and almost one moment when I realized I had found something that was going to work for me spiritually. A path I could follow with a clear heart....


Homemade Christmas Ornaments

I am looking for other ideas for ornaments for the Christmas tree.. We are doing the paper ring chain, popcorn on colored string, paper snowflakes and using our cookie cutters...

Started by Amy on 10/29/2010 in Money Saving Tips

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Kids with ADHD

My daughter has been diagnosted with ADHD she has had her medication up twice. I really do not like the idea of her getting it increased again but as she is getting older and...