my 10month old baby girl is almost 1 years old. what are some ideas for that very special day. even though i've been a stay at home mom.without no child interaction. in her age...


Breastfeeding past the age of 1

My doctor told me my breastmilk at my son's current age (1) doesn't have any nutrients at all- that sounded weird. Has anyone heard anything about that? I am a stay home mom and...



Hi everyone! Just a quick info on self. I'm a 36 years old stay at home mom of a 14 years old and now a 12 months old as well.., yea, massive gap, feels very new to me, so...

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42 year old mother of 3, stepmother of 3!

Hi everyone! Im new to this group so heres a little about ME. Im a 42 yr old wife/ stay at home mom. I have 2 sons from previous relationship, one son with my husband,3...

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Any fun activities for a 15 month old?

I'm a stay at home mom. Could you give me any tips on what to do with my son. He's cruising, I believe he can walk, but he just don't have the confidence yet. Also, please give...

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Just recently found out I'm pregnant.

We are so excited about our very first baby. Even though morning sickness is a killer and being constantly hungry almost every half hour.haha Despite all these I know my baby is...

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Hi i'm a christian stay at home mom of 3 girls ages 4,6,10 we have no problems with a good old fashioned spanking as long as it's not abusive meaning bruises and welts. and...

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New member

Hello I'm a stay at home mom to five kids and am new to this site. Looking to have some interactions with people other than my kids all day

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Hi my name is Lindsey I and from Iowa and I have 2 beautiful kids Trinity she is 4 and my son Bryson JAnuary 4 2007. I am married and I have the priviledge to be a stay at home...

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I'm new here. Not sure how much I'll get on here but I enjoy "message boards" in my free time. We live in NC. I've been married 9 yrs. We have 5 kids. My last was born in March...

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Hi everyone! I am new to this community (on Facebook). I live in Burlington County and am a new mother to a three month old. I am currently staying at home after working at a...

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Hello all I am new here! I have a 2 year old son and a 3 year old daughter and YIKES they are a handful!! I am a stay at home mom without plans to return to work anytime soon....

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New to the site

Hello, just was introducing myself to you all. I have a eleven month old boy named Ethan. I also have three other boys that are older and am a stay at home mom. I am still...


new to the group

Hello, I am a stay-at-home mom. I have three beautiful, healthy babies. Zac , 8. Alex, 7. Magan, 2 1/2. I have the BEST job in the world.

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The almost terrible/terrific two's :)

I am a stay at home mom to a wonderful little monster named Nate! He's going to be 2 next month and I feel like I have been dealing with the terrible 2's since he turned 1!...

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I wanted to make a place for moms that r from alberta, to chat and ask one another questions or for help.....I hope that people will find that this is a place to hang out...

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Just wanted to say hello, I am a stay home mom of 5. Oldest will be 12 in April. Loving it but can't wait for spring. Feeling a little housebound. This is my first winter baby...