how to make husband agree to one child?

I stay at home with my daughter and have a hell of a time. She is 21 months old and screams a lot, or tries to get her way all the time. She never was an easy infant either....

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Hey Hey Hey

Hey everyone, I'm a foster mom in Kansas. We have 4 foster children right now. The older 3 have been with us for about 15 months, and the baby for about 4 months. They are all...

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Step son wont meet me or visit our house

I married a man 16 months ago after a 1 year relationship. He has a now 13 yr old son who will not meet me or visit our house. consequently my husband visits his former family...

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need help.....

hey i need help establishing a good sleep schedule. i'm having trouble figuring out a good nap time, and bed time. my son was naping in the late evening getting up and then...


What would you do?

Next year my daughter starts kindergarten. I have already arranged for her to take math with the first (or perhaps second) grade students while remaining with her peers for the...



Ok this is really just for venting because I know that after all these years there is nothing I can do to make him change. My daughter BF is driving me insane. 4yrs ago he...

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What do you do while....?

What do you do physically while your children are doing their school work? Are you sitting close by watching and answering questions, do you wander the room looking at to do...



Dear mommy's: I am a single mom with a beautiful 7 y/o soon to be eight little girl. I go to church and teach my daughter the best I can. I cannot have one day of peace without...

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Case of Neglect?

I have a friend of a friend who has a 5 year old little girl. Everyone seems to talk about the little girl because she has some problems. I didn't even like my own daughter...


Momma's boy

My son will be 5 months old on June 8. He is very much a momma's boy. Given that my husband went back to work 2 days after he was born and works 9-7 and doesn't get to spend...


What do u think pram or walking???

I have a friend that thinks that my 3 year old should not be in the pram anymore that he should be walking but i have lots of trouble he runs off all the time and when i want...