Feeling overworked and underappreciated.....

My husband seems to think that when I say I need a break from the kiddos I should get used to being a mommy and just get over it. He never sees other moms have it so difficult.....

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how to make husband agree to one child?

I stay at home with my daughter and have a hell of a time. She is 21 months old and screams a lot, or tries to get her way all the time. She never was an easy infant either....

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What is God's Best?

I am a first time mom, 25 years old and a nurse. I am due Feb. 18th and having a girl! My story about how I ended up at theis point is very long and complicated. Too make a long...

Started by Joy on 01/01/2009 in Christian Moms

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support from your partner.

I would like to start off with saying for the mothers who are still nursing they're children past the age of 9 months and are still receiving support from their partners are...

Started by Jessica on 06/18/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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carseats in school busses

this is a question I asked in my "parenting debates & hot topics" community, thought I would ask it here too. the first lady i felt was questioning my parenting instead of what...



....I'm a 40 year-old mom of 3 girls (19, 16 and 2) . I'm planning to start back to school and wondered if anyone could direct me to a website ( or anything, really) where I...

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child support in florida

hi im a single mom living in south florida area and i need help. iam currently a single mom to a beautiful 5 month old baby whose father does nothing to help he doesnt even call...


Shared custody works

http://time.com/3836627/divorced-parents-joint-custody/ Why are people so reluctant to accept shared custody? We need to check unfounded assumptions and gender stereotypes at...

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Mother in law from hell troubles...

Hello to anyone reading. The purpose of my post is to get some advice. I am having terrible mother in law difficulties. I guess to lend advise you have to know the background...

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2 year old's speech

Hi guys. I'm curious as to how well other Dec. 2007 kids are talking. My son speaks very clearly, makes up stories, ask questions, etc. He knows all of his shapes and colors,...


Hey Hey Hey

Hey everyone, I'm a foster mom in Kansas. We have 4 foster children right now. The older 3 have been with us for about 15 months, and the baby for about 4 months. They are all...

Started by Jocelyn on 08/25/2009 in Foster Moms

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I Can't get Motivated to go to church....

Hi mommies! I am 21 years old and a brand new mommy of a 3 month old, I grew up going to church every single Sunday my whole life. Well now I'm married and have a new baby and...

Started by Brianna on 01/20/2010 in Christian Moms

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