social interaction ?

Cameron is 2.5 and is generally a very good kid. He is used to being around other kids and goes to daycare 2 days a week and we have play dates and such with other kids. his...


spanking study

http://health.yahoo.net/news/s/nm/spanking-kids-can-cause-long-term-harm-canada-study my only comment is I personally noticed a link between lack of punishment to lack of...

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Help Me Please.

My daughter is 2 and she went on the potty about 3 times but now she wants nothing to do with it. I don't know what to do. I told her if she sat down on the potty then I would...

Started by Megan on 05/22/2009 in Potty Training!

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My daughter holds in her poop!

My oldest is 3 and she has been having a problem w/ holding it in when she has to poop ever since the baby was born a year ago. At first i thought she was doing it for...


MY 3 year old and going in his pants

My husband and I finally got him to go potty like big boy standing up an by himself. But we don't know how to get him to poop in the potty an not his pants. We've tried...


When is a good time to start trying for baby #2?

I am a 21 year old mom of a 15 month old little boy. My husband is 24. We have always wanted our children to be somewhat close in age. we think that 2 years apart is reasonable....

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new to this group

Hi, I have a son that just turned 4 last month. He didn't talk until about a year ago. I've had him in a early childhood developmental delay program for the last 2 years....


Who is a SM and also was a SK?

I'm curious about some of the Stepmoms on the site. Were you a step child and if so, does it help you relate to your stepchildren? Do you see your step parents differently...

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I have two children the oldest being nearly 4 and my youngest just turned 12 months. The dad works 20 hours a week but would rather go out or play with his computer and then...


How do I change bad sleeping habits?

My 2 year old son has been sleeping terribly the last last couple of weeks. All his teeth is out, so it can't be teething problems! We bath him before bedtime, so he is very...

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What do we do?

My son will be 3 on Jan 7th. He is potty trained. Should we go to preschool, day-care or a park disrict program for socialization and learning? Which is best?


Frustrated preschooler

My three yr old is acting out at school largely out of frustration. Whenever she is frustrated, which these days seems very often, she screams, bits, kicks or wets her pants. I...