Sleep Habits

I have a 9 month old who has no bedtime routine and will not sleep longer than 2 hours during the night. Some nights she's up for 2 hours before she'll go back to sleep. Does...


my 3 yr old twins are driving me crazy...help

As. Of right now everyday is a fightnwith my 3 almost 4yr old twin girls. With a new baby on the way anyday now its only getting worse. They hit kick bite. When I put them on...

Started by Lia on 01/21/2011 in Twins

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Traveling with cloth?

We will be traveling by air in about 6 weeks to stay with family in another state for about 10 days. I really HATE the idea of using disposables, but I don't see how we can...


when to take daughter to the gyno

My 11 year old obviously has an infection of some kind in her vagina. I don't know if I should take her to the pediatrician or to the gyno? Seems young for the gyno but it is a...


New to Homeschooling NEEEEED advice

Hello. My name is Jennifer. My husband Bobby and I are DETERMINED to homeschool our son Rion (pernouced Ryan). We have several family members who are completely negative and do...

Started by Jennifer on 08/14/2009 in Homeschooling Moms

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Toddler traveling tips?

My husband and I are about to fly from Tucson AZ, to North Pole, AK with a 1 1/2 year old. We have some toys and snacks for him, but does anybody have any tips or tricks to...


The Death Penalty--Question for DP Advocates

As a supporter of the death penalty, do you think an inmate should be able to appeal for decades before the execution is carried out? Should there be a time limit, for...

Started by Kristi on 09/28/2012 in Hot Topics

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