baby achne

my baby has lots of baby achne and dry skin shes just over a month old now and nothing seems to be helping breast milk makes it worse i clean her after every feeding and i put...


I'm a new mom and need help

I have a 3 week old daughter and I started of breast feeding and after about 2 weeks of breast feeding I wasn't producing enough milk so I started giving her formula and breast...


trying to stop breastfeeding...........HELP

My daughter is almost 10 months old.. She has been breastfed since birth, and now I feel that it is time to try to start "stopping".. This seems to be extremely hard for me. so...


colicky baby?

MY daughter is 7 weeks old. She is wanting to be held all the time, she cries a lot, spits up a lot and now has just recently started to throw up about an hour after feeding...


Crying at the nipple. Help please!

Most of the time while my lil one is nursing he seems to be fine. Then he comes to a point where he starts to feed, stops, crys, and then continues to feed. Then starts that...

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pls i am planning to take famliy planning but i am afraid of it to affect my breast milk. advice pls



I noticed many of you talking about different types of nutrition/exercise. I am curious what some of you are doing more in depth. I have battled breast cancer and many...


Introducing Solids

I'm ready to introduce solids to my baby boy and I'm not sure exactly how to go about it. What foods to introduce first. Advice?


Should a 3 month old eat 8oz of formula???

I am watching my cousin and she is 3 months old. They just told me she eats 8oz of formula every 2.5 to 3 hours! I find this extreamly shocking since my son is almost 7 months...

Started by Jessica on 02/12/2009 in Babies And Infants

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diets for breastfeeding moms?

i am about to have my first baby anyday now. i no that everyone says that breastfeeding helps you lose weight but i would like to know if there is a specific diet that would be...