What solids is your little one on? We make our baby food. Is it too soon for strawberries? Thanks

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Won't drink from a bottle or sippy cup

My daughter used to take a bottle just fine, but about a month ago she started refusing the bottle and only wanting the breast. So far I've just been leaving her in between...


Need Help!!

My son is starting eat little of his food.Before,we had a routine.Bottle in the morning and then a lil cereal and then lunch sweet potato and green peas ,for dinner turkey and...

Started by Jennifer on 02/16/2010 in July 2009

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Biting During Breastfeeding

My 5 1/2 month old daughter just got her bottom two teeth in, they have just fully broke threw the gum the past few days but today she was seriously biting me when I was trying...

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Baby hates all forms of eating

This is a very long story so I will condense it as much as possible. My LO is 3 months old. We had a horrible start to breast feeding. Had her in a birth center, was sent home 2...

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Thrush help!

I am thinking I might have thrush but am not for sure what are the symptoms of it?


Crocodile Tears

So here I sit tonight thinking "Oh i'm really handling weaning my LO quite well. He has one feeding left and it didn't bother me like I thought it would." And as soon as I say...


feeding worries

I am still breastfeeding my 9.5mth son and would like to continue for another couple of months if possible.My partner seems to think he should be drinking formula milk now as he...

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my 18mths old gal refuse to tk milk powder... not even breastmilk in a bottle!! so i still gotta do direct breastfding until now but i really wanna stop coz she is not putting...

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