How much food do you give?

My LO has been on solids for over a week now, and at the min he has 7.00am - 9oz bottle 8.00am 1/2 jar of banana or pear etc 11.00am - 9oz bottle 3.00pm - 9oz bottle 5.00pm -...

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What can i do to sort my baby`s teeth out?

My baby had been on Nan Perlagon formula since birth to just a bit after a year, her teeth started rottin, some say that it was because of the tea she had in the mornings (which...


Making formula

My daughter was a preemie and was on a feeding tube for a while after birth, so breast feeding was out. She's been on formula for the past two months and I'm so tired of making...

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My daughter is now 13 months and doesn't want to eat solid foods. I have breast feed her since birth, but I am ready to wean her for daycare. Any suggestions?

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mama's not a teething ring!

Hello, my 6 month old daughter now has 2 of the sharpest teeth known to babyhood! She is constantly biting me, and now I have bloody stumps where nipples USED to be... I have...

Started by Jessica on 02/23/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Refusing formula/bottle

Hi, it's me again ;) I know my daughter is going through a huge learning phase right now, which is affecting her sleep, but the last few days she seems to be sort of refusing...

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Rice cereal in bottles for bedtime.....

Anyone starting their little ones on a little bit of rice cereal in their bottles at bed time? I am wanting to start to get an extra hour or two of sleep. Our pediatrician...

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breastfeeding trouble

been trying to ween my 1yr 4months off the breast, taken away one feeding and replaced with warm milk in a bottle. she is not taking it, she cries and pulls at my shirt, hugs...

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Hi guys! I saw some white stuff inside my son's mouth and got it checked out and it's thrush. god know how long he has had it for, as I have never thought to check his mouth for...


6month and solids

My daughter doctor is pushing solids for my daughter but i can not get her to take anything by spoon. any ideas?