nipple being used as a dummy

Hi, my little one (4 1/2 months) has decided that she is not going to go to sleep unless she is feeding of me...i have tried letting her cry..until she was beside herself and i...


6mo still wont sleep ?

my son will be 6mo next week and still wont sleep well....he slept through the nite for about a week and then went back to not napping during the day at all and wont go to bed...


Weight Problems

Its been so hard for me to lose weight after my son was born in August 2013 (c-secrion). I have been walking a lot during the day, dieting and even diet pills. Still nothing,...


Foods I can eat that won't cause NB gas

I am trying to figure out what foods to eat that won't cause my newborn gas. It has been 3 Weeks St. that she has gas every single day. I have tried eliminating things for my...

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is nursing one side only ok?

so my 3 month old won't nurse from my right side and hasn't been for a month now.she's only nursing from the left.I haven't told her doctor yet.but last visit which was 2 weeks...


8 month old not wanting the bottle

My son is 8 months and he is deff showing a preferance to solid foods. He eats the jars, all flavors, oatmeal, pieces of fruit, pasta, occasional small pieces of meats. He was...

Started by Carissa on 09/16/2009 in January 2009 Babies

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Cleft lip and palate.

Hi, My baby is due 30th December and i've been told my baby will have a cleft lip and could be a slight cleft palate. Can't wait to meet my baby. Be nice to talk to other...



How much formula should my 2 month old son be taking per feeding? I just cant seem to satisfy him most of the time, but I am afraid of causing him to have a belly ache from too...



My daughter in law is breastfeeding her baby girl, She likes to eat a lot of pasta and cheese. The baby is having problems with her stomach and I have to give the baby claserine...

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baby doesn't want to nurse

I exclusively breastfed my baby (born june 2) from day one and it was a rocky start but with the help of a nipple shield we made it through! After 3-4 months she no longer...

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help please??

Hi, im a first time mum to a beautiful 11 week old little boy and im really confused. up until about 4 days ago he ran on his own regular schedule, breast feeding about every 2...

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I want to stop breastfeeding!!!

HELP!!!! My 9 month old is breastfeeding and when he gets bored he ends up biting my nipple very hard (bleeds and everything). He will not take formula and it's too early to...

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Breastfeeding vs. MS Therapy

I am 5 weeks away from having my first child. I really want to breastfeed but there is not a lot of information out there on relapses after pregnancy if you breastfeed vs. going...


Pregnant: boob problem?

This is my second pregnancy. I discovered in my last pregnancy that your breasts can leak long before baby comes (I was about 6 months along last time). I'm currently about 6...


how many bottles

how many bottles does your 8 month have and what is your routine of feeding and napping in the day. got my little girl on 3 bottles a day but not sure if i should be giving her...


Nursing strike- Please read

Being a first time mom i am learning every day!! Its difficult with all the new developements vs your mother and grandparents giving you all the advice that now seems so wrong!...

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