help, my son will only nurse from one side!!!

my son only likes eat from one side at time. i have tried to get him to eat on both sides and i always offer both. he just starts crying and trying to wiggle away when i switch...

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I know most moms are concerned with making sure they have BF long enough, but with my second child I couldnt help but anxiously await the day my daughter was weaned. I was all...

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I noticed many of you talking about different types of nutrition/exercise. I am curious what some of you are doing more in depth. I have battled breast cancer and many...


Nipple Thrush

I had to take a course of antibiotics a month ago and now I have thrush on my nipples. I have started pumping to avoid spreading it to my LO. Can the thrush carry over from...


starting cereal

my 4 month old son was started on cereal yesterday by his ped...just cereal because I have food allergies and he has horrible eczema and we're worried about that..anyway i...


Daycare and Breastfeeding

I'm going back to work soon and taking my 5-month-old to daycare. Does anyone have tips on continuing breastfeeding after returning to work?


I wasn't breastfed....

but i am passionate about it now. is anyone else in a situation like this? my mom was the excuse maker (no really though) she quit breastfeeding me after less than 2 weeks...


Baby Cereal and Gas

My son seems to get gas when I give him baby cereal. It doesn't matter if it is mixed grain, rice or oatmeal. He wakes many times during the night after consuming it with...

Started by Danialle on 01/09/2009 in Moms Under 30

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Newborn with tummy aches

I was wondering about how to sooth a newborn with intestinal discomfort. I've tried putting mine on my lap with stomach down and rubbing his back, but it only works half the...



Do u think soothers are a good idea and whens the right time to stop them havin it?


Suggestions for BF baby who spits up a lot??

My baby is 2 months old & eats like a champ. The problem is she is spitting up like crazy! I'd estimate that about 1/2 an ounce per feed winds up on her, me or the floor. This...

Started by Monica on 11/19/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Getting my baby off the bottle is hard?

She like to drink water out of her bottle but she will not drink out of sippy cup for nothing but she will drink from a regular cup but will throw it after she drink a sip or...