Introduce Yourself

Hi Ladies, I thought it would be a good idea for everyone to take a minute to introduce themselves to the group. Include anything you want us to know and tell us a bit about...

Started by Kate on 09/10/2010 in Mama's Always Write

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Need potty training help, Please!

My little boy was using the potty everyday & my daughter wanted nothing to do with it. She didn't care at all. A friend of mine suggested that I give my son a sticker...

Started by Darcy on 01/23/2010 in Boy And Girl Twins

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Baby Bed Time

Hello, Mylee is 7 1/2 mo nths old and exclusively breast fed. It's been great and Ihope it continues. I'm just curious as to how others put their kids to bed. I've heard...


Potty training mystery please help!?

right long post to follow but id be grateful if ud give it a read! ive been potty training my 2 1/2 year old for a few months and the first time she got it straight away, a...


My daughter needs a friend

I have a daughter that spoke 2 languages until one day when she was 8 she woke up and couldn't speak anymore. It took 2 years of lawyers and meetings to put her into a deaf...

Started by Kari on 05/19/2013 in Kids Over 10

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How do you...if you do

Encourage your SK's and their emotions relating to feeling torn? Each time my SK's are here, mainly my SD, is emotionally bugged out by BM. During the weekly phone call, BM...

Started by Catrina on 07/09/2009 in Step Moms

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ANY and all help WELCOME!?

Posted this in a "Specialty" Group but after more than 24 hours+, had not 1 response? Trying to REPOST here .... Hope this is ok? Hello - I'm new here and found the Site...

Started by Katie on 09/07/2012 in School-Age Kids

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Breastfeeding while pregnant...

Hello moms! I am about 7 months pregnant with an 11 month old. At around 3 months pregnant my milk changed significantly and my production went WAY down. In order to keep...


Help with potty training my 3 yr old!!!

I need some help on potty training my 3 yr old. Let me start by saying that she was born 4 months early and no problems. A little petite but fine. It's really an amazing miracle...

Started by Jamie on 09/10/2010 in Toddler Moms

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10 yr. old still wetting pants

Help. I've taken my son to a neurologist and a urologist and they can't find any reasons (other than attention) for why my 10 yr. old (almost 11) can't stay dry during the day....


Partner or Child

http://news.aol.com/article/stacy-horton-abandons-son-to-save/789410 Man Saves Drowning Wife, Loses Son Her Car Had Plunged Into River at Night WELLINGTON, New Zealand...

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Other half

We always talk about ourself on here. I'm 23 weeks along. Just wondering is any of you ladies out there are as lucky as i am. I have a wonderful BF, who runs after me like a...

Started by PETA on 06/10/2010 in Expecting

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