Activities for Preschoolers

Fun ideas for AT HOME! :) 1. Stash a few new dollar store toys and pull them out when you have a busy day ahead of you. Skills learned: What your preschooler can learn will...

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another potty training question...

so i started potty training. the naked thing didn't work b/c eliza stomped around in her pee like a water puddle. so i just had her sit on the potty every couple hours. the...


Potty Crisis! Help!!

Potty training. I have a 3.5 yr old daughter who will go on the potty sometimes, she knows what to do but doesnt want to, I have used a timer, pull ups, she is now in underwear...

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30 weeks and depressed and not too excited!

so my husband and I have been through a lot this pregnancy, and I guess since I've tried to be tough and not worry about it when all the stuff was going on I am now depressed...

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hi we are new to this site. we have a son who is 8 and half years old and has no interest in reading. He knows his letters and the sounds they make but refuses to read. does...


my 14 month old will NOT listen...

my daughter , who is almost 15 months old... will not listen to me or her father. she stands up in chairs, on the couch, etc and when told no, she hits at us or actually hits...



My little girl is almost 5 months old, exclusively breastfed. She has not had any cereals or solids yet, and only gets one bottle a week from which she'll take no more than 3...

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my son is nearlly 3 and is still showing no interest in using his potty, he wont even sit on it with his nappy off im not quite sure what to do... any ideas ?