California mom sues McDonald's over Happy Meals

LOS ANGELES (AFP) - A mother-of-two from California launched a class-action lawsuit against McDonald's, claiming the toys given out with Happy Meals unfairly lure kids into...

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Advice for potty training boys

My son Aiden is 28 months and showed signs of interest in potty training about 4-6 months ago. All of a sudden his attitude has been "No Way!" Any suggestions for tips, ideas,...

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Any tips for potty training?

Okay THANK YOU TO ALL THE MOMS WHO HAVE HELPED AND ARE HELPING. IT IS SO NICE TO KNOW YOU GUYS ARE OUT THERE! : ) This is the deal, I should have put more info on it. He clearly...


Frivolous Lawsuits

Do you think that the woman who sued the airline for a burst eardrum was frivolous? I don't. I imagine that it would have been immensely painful, and she will be permanently...

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Overweight vs thin

This is kind of a spin off of another thread. What thoughts do you have if any if you see a morbidly obese person eating unhealthy? What about a wicked thin person eating...

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how do i potty train?

hes 3.5yrs old and had surgery on his scrotum in feb. but hes still terrified of being without his pull ups. how do i help him with this?


Do you have little quirks or odd things you do….

When I go into a parking lot…I try and find parking, so that I turn in the space to the right (I know for some people it doesn’t matter) Most times when I take a shower...

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