two month old wont nap

hey everyone, I'm a new mom to a beautiful two month old boy. and I was wondering if anyone else had trouble with putting them down for a nap? like, he'll NEVER nap during the...

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New member

Hi all, I am a mom of two boys. My younger son, Izkhairie was born with profound/severe hearing loss. Here, every newborn babies will have the hearing tests and thats when we...


My Boys are

My oldest boy is almost 14, and my youngest is 5. They love to be around each other, but it seems to require rough play, and wrestling around! It's loud and I can't take it! I'm...


Help, I need some advice/ suggestions

My daughter will be 5 weeks old this coming week, ever since she was born and we got her home she has been really fussy but only when I want to go to bed. It's like she just...

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New group...CRAZY IN LAWS

Hello ladies!! My name is Tanya and I have a sweet 3 year old daughter who keeps my life busy! Don't they all! :) I've began a new group called "CRAZY IN LAWS". It focuses on...

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help on Cramps

one month old , has cramps . he goes all read in the face and is pushing down hard, He is breast fed most of the time with one formula bottle. he does have a number 2 but only...

Started by Michelle on 02/10/2009 in Babies And Infants

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Tubal reversal??

I had a tubal ligation done 5 & 1/2 years ago..... I regret it and we have decided to have another baby. Has anybody had the reversal done....if so....can you tell me about it....


Milk Protien Allergy

My daghter has a milk protien allergy so she has had a milk protien free diet for 1 1/2 years. She is now 2 1/2 years old and she is going in for re-testing next month to see if...


Father's in Pregnancy

Welcome to all the new mothers. Father's are important part of the pregnancy. Tell us how your partner is part of your pregnancy. Share your challenges and triumphs. My...

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Fallin Asleepin problems

My 3yr daughter will sleep in her room but she will not fall asleep. It takes yelling crying screaming and finally i have to lay by her or when im at work my fience lets her...

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I'm new!!! Hello to All ~

Hello everyone! My name is Laura, I'm 41 and a mom to 6 girls. Yes I said 6 girls!!! lol Their ages range from 8yrs old to 13yrs old. And of course they all think they're...

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Potty Training

Our little one is 26 months old. He does'nt speak. Only a few words like, ma, da, boe. He understands when we ask him to do something. Now we need to potty train him. Any...


21 weeks

i am 21 weeks and i can not find a name for my baby they have told me i am having a boy...i dont want my baby to be nameless..

Started by Vanessa on 02/19/2009 in Expecting

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