support or opinions needed.....

Hey gals..I went to my cardiologist appointment this past week to find out that my heart condition got worse after I had my lil girl (7mth old). So he told me no more children....

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Any other moms with Preemies born in August?

My son Adon was born in August of 2008...he was 15 weeks preemature. Just wondering if there are any other moms with preemies that can relate to the physical and developmental...


swine flu vaccination

what are other women's thoughts on vaccinating your child? I am pretty standardly against it as I think it is important to give children a chance to develop a strong immune...

Started by User on 10/14/2009 in Hiking Moms

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Advice, need help with night time?

My 4 week old daughter sleeps most of the day and I have to wake her to feed her. But at night she is like clockwork - sleeps 10 until 1, then wakes at 3, wakes at 5:30am, then...


Milk how many times a day?

Kaitlyn is 9+ months and is exclusively breastfed. I'm wondering if I am feeding her too many times a day. She's on a regular schedule of aprox. 7a, 11a, 3p, 6p, & 8:30p, so 5...


My daughter won't poop on the toilet at daycare

My daughter will be 3 in November and is fully potty trained at home but it seems lately at daycare she will not go poop on the toilet and is having accidents in her underwear....

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Lack of sleep baby?

My son about 2 months ago stopped having long naps during the day and started powernapping. I didn't mind too much cause he still ended up getting lots of sleep. His bedtime...

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homemade baby cereal?

does anyone make their babies homemade cereal? How? Is it cheaper? Do they like it? Got homemade baby food today and it smells, tastes and looks better than the bought stuff.

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Homeschool 4 The Gifted!

Where do you start?Who do you Contact?When you want 2 pull your Children Out Of Public School & Began Teaching HomeSchool?


afternoon nap???

my 2 n half yr old daughter hates to fall asleep in the afternoon once she comes from her play school... but once she is asleep she is happy in the bed for abt 2 hrs... n if i...

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Help! I need a break!!

My darling 2 1/2 year old daughter has rarely taken naps since she has turned 2. She used to take them once a week, but now it has dwindled down to once a month (if that!). I am...

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New to HomeSchooling

I am a mother of 4 and just started home schooling my 10 year old. She was having a very difficult time in public schools. She was headed for the 5th grade with only a 2nd grade...


Recoving from C-section?

Two years ago I had a c-section with my daughter. Two weeks ago I just had another one for my son. I don't feel that I'm recovering as well this time around. What was your...


re-lactation help!!!!

hey girls, for the first 2 months of my baby girls life i exclusively breastfeed, then as she wasnt putting on enough weight i was told i needed to formula feed so i...

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I am thinking about having a home birth with my next baby (due July 2010) . I do not want a repeat c-section and I like the idea of being in my home and comfortable. I would...