how long did you exclusively breastfeed for?

my daughter will be 9 months on the first and were still exclusively breastfeeding. shes really not showing interest in solid baby food but in the food im eatting. i give her...

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I am SO FRUSTRATED right now!!!!!!

My son and I are completely at odds of late--every encounter we have ends with him storming off in tears and yelling that I don't understand anything at the top of his lungs....


routine question...

do you have a routine? what does it look like? what do you do with your time? i am starting a new routine after christmas dinners i need ideas

Started by Cleaver on 12/23/2012 in Stay At Home Moms

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Extreme couponing * It's what I do...

Couponing is my Hobby or I guess more like a lifestyle. I'd be lost without it. I started a little of 2 years ago and hold a stockpile in my house worth over $100.000 and let me...


How could I do for my son ?

How could I do that my son who is 16 month do not like to listen the story. Every time I bring hime to the library to join the story time but he do like to listen it and like to...

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Is it normal in America?

My boyfriend is American. (I am Asian.) His son is 19 years old. And they are going to attend a convention in other states. His son decided to bring his girlfriend to the...

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I would just honestly like your opionions and that's it dnt wana read no bullshit..bascially I have a 2 year old going to be 3 this year november and when I got pregnant it...