tantrums before naps

I have been having this issue with my 2 1/2 year old for about 1 -2 months. She has always been a busy busy busy girl...she has had a VERY consistent schedule since she was a...

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about my son and me :)

Hiya my name is katie and my sons name is adam, he is 20months old... i dont really no how to work this but ill give it ago.... adams the typical 20month old, any bottons that...


Biblical Headship

One thing I've noticed through marriage counseling at the church is how many women have their own definition of spiritual leadership for their husband.... so, I wanted to know...

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Grrrr Biodad

Well now its been 3 weeks since my ex has called his son. Grrr that makes me mad. He is driving me nuts, because I am the one that has to deal with an angry child when he has...

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New to all of this!

I have been in therapy for several months for major depression. I was hospitalized back in January(suicidal thoughts). Now my therapist believes I am bipolar. From everything...


Potty Traning a Girl

My daughter is 2 and we are potty training. She will not do #2 in the pot and sometimes she will not tell me when she has to do #1. I need Help and tips on potty training her...


Feeling Depressed

I just started a new diet about 3 weeks ago. I threw out my back and the doctor ordered me to stay in bed for 10 days! I cannot exercise which is really depressing me. I was...


Need Advice....Preschooler..........

So lately my 3 1/2 y/o son has been refusing to stay the night over at Grandmas house. He used to be perfectly fine with it because before i had our daughter i used to work...

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I. Safety During an Explosive Incident * If an argument is unavoidable, stay in an area where you have access to an exit. * Practice getting out of your home safely. *...



Okay... so I just have to gripe. I was in the mall, finishing my Christmas shopping, and my 3 month old daughter started fussing a little in her stroller. Some older lady, that...

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phasing out swaddling

My daughter has slept in her co-sleeper since she was born. She's also been swaddled since she was weeks old. I use the miracle blanket for the swaddling. My daughter is now 6...

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Help! My daughter will not take cows milk

I plan to be done breastfeeding soon after my daughter turns 1 on January 23rd. I tried to start introducing cows milk last week and she refuses to drinkit. I've only cut down...

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