Kindergarten evaluation?

My son is five. He started K a few weeks ago. Last week we had a conference with the teacher who brought in not only the school counselor but a special ed counselor and the...


Child struggling to get used to shcool

My eldest started school 3 weeks ago, he's one of the eldest in the recption intake (was 5 a couple of weeks ago) and is in a mixed reception/year 1 class. I've been called in...


Sleeping in the bed.

I know that having your baby sleep in the bed with you is a big no-no, but when my daughter was only a month old she had RSV. She was hospitalized for 3 weeks for it b/c she...


stepping up and being her mom

a yr and a helf ago i become a mother of two in two weeks my son was born on april 26 and 2 week later may 12my daughter came to live with not in a normal way u c her mom left...



My 11 yr old son sits at the table from the time he gets home till supper time and refuses to do his homework. I have tried giving him breaks or rewards if he does it. He still...

Started by Roxann on 10/02/2009 in Back-to-School

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need help with sleepin

i need some help my little girl is 11 weeks an still want sleep thought the night she wakes up every 2 hours she does not sleep for long durin the day fo about 1 hour every 4...

Started by Ashleyjayne on 10/07/2009 in July 2009

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I find talking to God and keeping my faith in him gets me through most days! One of my silent prayers. "God, thank you for loving me at all times, especially the times when I...


Night Terrors!

My son is 3 in December, and last night was the first night that he woke up screaming and crying! He refused to go back to his bed (and ours) to go back to sleep. What can I do...

Started by Kirsty on 10/13/2009 in Toddler Moms

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i have 4 boys a 15 yr old a 13 yr old a 9 yr old and a 7 yr old what i need to know is when the 2 oldest fight and i mean fist fighting how do i stop this without anyone...

Started by Carmilla on 10/15/2009 in Moms Of BOYS

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Things to do with an 8 month old

The weather is finally nice enough to outside (Florida!) so I am able to go for a daily walk now at least, but I find myself, and maybe him if that is possible, getting bored...