Potty Training Girls

I have a 2 1/2 yr old girl and 1 1/2 yr old boy....started potty training my daughter but everyone I have spoken to said they didn't it easily but me no so easy??? She is aware...

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iam in the process of potty training my son. started since beginning of year. my son just turned 3 in may. But he just acts like he dont care if he is wet or wht is on him. he...

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Feeling overwhelmed

Anyone else out there a PhD candidate? My husband just finished his but is sticking around working for his boss until I'm done, but his boss is a jerk and I'm making SLOW...

Started by Elizabeth on 06/06/2011 in Student Moms

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anyone else's not saying much?

Anyone else's 15 month old not saying much? My daughter babbles in her own language all day long and will say a few real words, but doesn't use them very consistently. I feel...


How to potty train, please help

I've read books that say not to leave the house for three days when starting! I can't do that. She is ready but she doesn't understand she can pee/#2 in the baby toilet. She...


Sleep issues..help!

My 10 month old has not slept through the night for several months now. He's been sick off & on so I know some this has been part of the reason but I also believe he wakes up...


How do you feel about schuedules for kids?

I have been a SAHM for 4yrs now and last August I started working in the evenings. I have 3 SK (10mths- 4.5yrs old). In the last year my 2 older kids have become extremely...

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Hi Everyone, I am a member of the discussion group Intuniv Anyone as they had put my son on that a few months ago ~ of course now he is off ~ and he is now taking Remeron...


My almost 11 month old twins are bored...

Hi, I have twin boys who are 10 months and 3 weeks old. They love to play with there toys, they love to crawl around on the floor, they love to get in there bouncy's, but that...


What Do I Pack In Emergency Hospital Bag?

I think most of us know that twins don't usually go full term. Evenmore so, they can come sooner than we would like. So how soon do I have an emergency hospital bag ready &...

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Summer time with a 1 year old.

My son will be turning 1 at the end of July. I LOVE having this time with him during my summer break but I feel like I am running out of things to do. I live about an hour away...


Discussing race with my daughter

Me and my daughter just moved her from VA. The area we lived in was very mixed race, there were white people, black people, mexicans etc. The area we live in now is mostly...


Problems with Step-Child?

I have a lovely son who is twenty-one months old. I am in a great relationship with a wonderful man who has a daughter who recently turned ten. She is my step-daughter. Usually...

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Hair Loss After Giving Birth; Help

This makes my second time experiencing hair loss (starting 2-months after the delivery of my babies). I'm experiencing hair loss around my frontal hairline. This is my second...

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