We all make mistakes

I'm not using real names here. We all make mistakes and I've made a huge one! In 2011 I broke up with a married man Jay i was seeing, tried getting back with an ex boyfriend...


Cheating baby daddy!

So I'm 10 weeks pregnant with my first, I'm 26 yrs old, and I recently found out that the man I'm in love with has been cheating on me with his ex the whole time we've been...

Started by Amber on 01/21/2013 in Single Moms

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My child is obsessed with death.. Help?

My 3 year old (she will be 4 in July) has all of the sudden started becoming obsessed with death. While playing she is always saying that one of her barbies or toy ponies is...

Started by Brandie on 03/05/2013 in Moms Under 30

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How do I keep my son safe from my past?

My son's real father is coming back around but he is an alcoholic, abusive and an addict. How do I keep my son away from this man? I have to go after him for child support but...

Started by Cristyanna on 04/17/2013 in Stay At Home Moms

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cant cope anymore with my son!!!!

My son has just turned 13, we ave had a bad couple of years what with me n his dad splitting up in a bad way which effected harry badly. Since then he has lived with me n his...

Started by Tracey on 05/14/2013 in Moms Of Teenagers

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My teenage daughter

I am the mother of 6 children, ranging in ages from 22 years down to 2 1/2. All but one of them is male, which starts my problem. My daughter is 16 and has recently decided it...


Male authority VS Female Authority

Hi everyone, I have a 6 year old little boy who doesn't like to listen to women, including my self but he promptly response to a male, example is when he had a male dentist, he...

Started by Katelyn on 06/24/2013 in School-Age Kids

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Is it ok to have sex while pregnant?

Hi ya'll! I have a slight dilemma. I LOVE my dear husband more than anything and as an expression of our precious love, I am pregnant with our first child, due at the end of...

Started by Beth on 07/03/2013 in Expecting

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HELP! 21 w/ 2kids; Stay or GO!

Ok this is going to be long so relax! Please dont ridicule me or be judgemental ! Advice is all im asking! Im 21 from deep dwn south I got pregnant with my son 7.5 yrs ago at...

Started by Shaniqua on 11/17/2013 in Moms Doin' It Alone

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Need words of wisdom!!!

Hi All, I need some advice on the best way forward. My ex husband has seen our Daughter (10) once in 3 years. I kept trying to get him to meet me and sort this out as I know...