Do you want to get married...... ?

I was wondering what other ‘single’ moms think about marriage. I have been divorced for over 14 years and I really don’t think I could settle down with just one man. In...

Started by Amanda on 06/20/2011 in Cougar Talk

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16 Year Old Graduating Early

Got a bright 16 year old ready to graduate a year early--wanting to be a physical therapist and get her 6-7 year track started off. So far it is a go, but I am having some...


I need some advice what to do with my step son.....?

My step son is 11 and will be flying home to us in about a week he was living with his mother in England and this will be his first time meeting me in person and on top of that...

Started by Alexia on 04/23/2012 in Step Moms

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how should I handle this?

There is a policy in place in the Park River and Edinburg schools that allows convicted and registered sex offenders to attend elementary school functions, concerts, sporting...


Kids Dog or not? Open to opinions.

My daughter told me tonight that she needs to get to Her Dad's to look after "her" dog. Here's the thing, it's not her dog, it's the Girlfriends dog. This dog lives with her...


In need of advice... -

My husband has a friend that he's known since high school - Sarah. When my husband & I met he told me that Sarah was like a sister to him and that they were very good friends....

Started by Christine on 07/31/2012 in Stay At Home Moms

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17 year old son and custody

In february we found out that my 17 year old sons girlfriend was pregnant. After a ton of drama with her mom she is now living with us. Though she and her mom don't have a...


hi everybody

me and my husband have been traditionally married next month 1year however we know each other 2 years in november hes from gambia i am so worried my marriage is or is going to...

Started by Theresa Jayne on 10/14/2012 in Stay At Home Moms

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