developmental delays?

My 9 month old daughter has torticollis we are doing the physical therapy and all that but has anyone else noticed developmental delays??? Doctors said she would be a little...


So lopsided!!!

I've been nursing my daughter for 9 months now, and for the past several months, I've been completely lopsided! My left side is significantly smaller than the right, and when I...


Married now, but am I still allowed to post here?

I got married just over 2 months ago. Technically until the 24th I'm still in single mom mode because my husband is in BC and I'm still in NY. But I'm wondering if you all are...

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TTTSupport....Yes it is out there!

We all know how overwhelming and devestating TTTS can be. There is a web site that is only about 2 months old that is trying to put all of our experiences and knowledge in one...

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behaviour and tantrums

i'm having trouble with my 2yr olds behaviour towards his ten month old sister and his tantrums, has anyone had similar problems since another baby has arrived or has any tips...


Can cheating for revenge ever be fair?

My husband cheated on me a few weeks ago and I just found out about it. I know othe women have been through it, but I feel so hurt by this..It makes me feel as if everything in...

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Why do i not have a say in things??

We go to concerts alot or as much as we can. Well my husband wants to get a volswagon bus. But we already have 2 cars as it is, and we dont use one of them. I told him we...