15 yr old granddaughter

Our 15 yr old granddaughter we are raising is sneaking to be in relationship with a boy who is very controlling. How do we handle situation?


sister in law

as if i didn't have enough trouble with bryan's parents. now my own brothers wife is maliciously trying to hurt me. we moved closer about 9 months ago, to be closer to family....


I need some encouragement...

Hi everyone, I'm fairly new to circle of moms...I just joined Christian mommies about 30 seconds ago. I grew up in the church, and I was always a very religious person until I...

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When is enough enough????

Me and my husband will be married 3yrs come Sept, we had 2 kids in 2 years. I have a 18 month old son an a 7 weeks old daughter. He's military so he works alot but I would like...

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Custody Issues for Moms

I went through a very nasty custody battle with my ex husband and was absolutely shocked to find out the reality of what's going on in the family courts. My story is very long...

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Co Parenting

Hi! Me and my kids father split last July while apart I discovered that I was pregnant and recently gave birth 6wks ago to our 2nd child! Since then he's moved on and is in a...

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I am a 23 year old mother of one daughter, Alexys, with a son on the way. It has been a long complicated pregnancy that has resulted in bedrest in the hospital, starting at...

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Just become a single mum its hard doing it all alone at times. Especially being only 19.



Hi, i'm 22 and a single mum. I was with my partner for 3 years and we discussed having children on and off during the duration of our relationship before talking seriously...


stay at home mom

I to am a stay at home mom.I love it. want to make friends with at home moms ;)

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Nightmares after seeing B/M

Our son's B/M is a family member so although we don't see her on a regular basis, we do see her at a few family functions each year. This weekend was one such event. As she has...


Making My Girls Feel Just As Important??

I am having a hard time with getting my teenage daughters to understand that even though they are different as day and night that what I do for one girl doesn't make the other...


Both sides of the Step- Mom.

I work hard on the communication part of our relationships. Together my husband and I have three children. Two are mind and one is his. My ex and I are not the best of...

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