Should I Allow my sons father back in his life?

My son is 6 years old and his father has been in and out of his life. We seperatey when my son was 8 months, got back together only to seperate again when he was 4.( this time...

Started by Sam on 09/12/2012 in Toddler Moms

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End of my rope

I'm not sure where to begin.. Basically partner and I have been together three years,he has a 6 yr old from a previous relationship and his situation is very up and down as he...

Started by Kate on 10/01/2012 in Want To Vent?

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Single mom of a one year old, maybe depressed

My son is the most amazing blessing that has come into my life. However, i feel i am falling into a deeper depression everyday. You can say I have a pretty good situation...

Started by Lisa on 05/08/2013 in Single Moms

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What should I do....?

I'm 35 years old and I'm a single mom for 3 amazing kids (11 yr,9 yr & 4,5 yr). Since I divorce 5 years ago...I never get close or trying to be close with someone. My kids...

Started by Dhee on 05/27/2013 in Single Moms

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help i feel abandoned

Hi. Just want some advice please on how to deal with husband who has gone abroad. I have 5 children including a teenager, a toddler and a new baby, so my husband deciding to go...

Started by Aisha on 06/07/2013 in Hot Topics

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child support

I understand that men should pay child support. however if one if a father doesn't pay child support but fires spend time with his child. I think it's wrong to take his...


Is My Job Now Done?

I have 2 adult sons. My older son is 33 and lives in Arizona. My younger son is 30 and lives in Milwaukee, Wi. I live in north eastern Wisconsin. It was important to me that my...


My soon to be stepson....he hates me.

I know a lot of you have similar issues. I'm just at my wits end on how to deal with mine. I'm not currently married to my boyfriend but hoping to soon be....if we can get...

Started by Christi on 10/22/2015 in Step Parenting

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disconnect with husband and daughter

My husband and I had a long talk yesterday and I need advice. We are fed up with where we are living and our jobs. My husband is getting out of the army this year and we have...

Started by Ashley on 01/05/2016 in Working Moms

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Some advice completely Lost

Hello I've noticed these online advices thing and I'm in need of it :( I have a 10 month old beautiful daughter I'm still with her dad but it's been too long .... He had drop...


mistakes divorced women make

It was the day she had dreamed about. Standing barefoot at sunset, "Joni" (a former client of mine whose name I have changed) stood looking at the man she was about to marry....

Started by Tah on 08/08/2011 in Just Debates

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